Tuesday, March 1, 2011

SAR #11060

So… who’s your farmer?

It's WikiTimes: “Thousands of internal documents obtained by The New York Times from the Environmental Protection Agency show...” They better hope the condom doesn't break.

Temporary Measures: Ordinary people seem to be running Benghazi and some other cities in Eastern Libya quite well, even though they are Arabs and don't have a US approved dictator to oversee things. How long Wall Street and the IMF will let this go on remains to be seen.

About that Recovery: The US now has the highest unemployment rate among the world's ten major developed nations.

Theme Song: Oil rises $1/bbl as Oman protests fan supply concern”, “Oil above $114 after Libya cuts”, “Oil price set to double if production is cut off”, “Oil Trades Near Highest in Two Years as Unrest Spreads to Oman”,

Exceptionalism: The Security Council has asked the International Criminal Court to prosecute Libyan nationals who took part in killing their fellow citizens. ICC is not, under any circumstances, to investigate nor attempt to prosecute foreign mercenaries who were involved in the same attacks if they were from countries that are not signatories of the ICC treaty, meaning that mercenaries from Algeria, Ethiopia, Tunisia and the United States would escape prosecution.

Point and Click: The NY Times has a neat interactive map of Pennsylvania which lets you quickly learn how little contamination there is from natural gas fracking operations around Harrisburg.

Ground Rules: 3M's CEO has warned Obama that he'd better mend his “anti-business” ways or else business would move their operations out of the country. Especially noisome, he said, were bothersome regulations and the general idea that corporations should pay taxes.

Clarification: Moody's says that the GOP budget cuts would kill 700,000 jobs over two years. Yes? And your point would be?

Choices: The biggest driver of deficit budgets, particularly at the State level, is the cost of health care. The choice seems to be between taxing the rich or letting the poor suffer and die from curable conditions. Governors are forming committees to study the options. The GOP doesn't want these groups to be called death panels, but that's what they will be, because raising taxes on the rich is not an option.

Turn About Is Fair Play: The US government has remained silent as the Iraqi regime violently suppresses dissent.

Big Brother “Ken”: The US military is using social media for 'classified' operations using “persona management software” to inundate social media networks with virtual armies of fake 'people' to promote whatever goals the Generals set forth.

Loretta's Envious: Lloyds Banking Group will pay no corporate taxes in the UK until its profits reach £15bn. It is paying outgoing CEO Eric Daniels a £1.45m bonus. The British taxpayer, who owns 41% of Lloyds, gets nada. Obviously neither Lloyds nor Daniels qualify as “little people.”

Words: “If climate scientists are in it for the money, they're doing it wrong.”

Spare. Very Spare: Morgan Stanley sees the current oil price 'spike' not as a spike but as a transition to a new paradigm for oil pricing and supply. By 2013, they say, there will be no excess supply in the system, which means that even if the Saudis can somehow ramp up production by 2 mbd – as they claim, but repeatedly fail to do – we've only got two more years before that spare capacity is gone.

Porn O'Graph: I'm in debt to you.

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