Tuesday, March 8, 2011

SAR #11067

Bipartisanship – when both parties agree to help the rich.

Daisy Chain: Core CPI inflation follows food inflation, and food inflation follows the increases in the cost of energy. That's why the poor – who spend more of their income on food and energy than the rich – are hurt so by inflation. When The Bernank says CPI core inflation is low, he's talking to the rich, not those who cash paychecks every week.

Quick Hits: A survey of authoritarian dictatorships showed that the vast majority of tyrants are opposed to the Middle East protest movements.

Equal and Opposite:Republicans should not be surprised that labor union organizers are converting anger at Governor Walker into organizational success. It was a vivid reminder of the power of and need for collective bargaining rights. Faced with the threat, the people respond.

Key Phrase: “Wall Street got away with a “legal” bank heist... Wall Street’s corrupt banks have lost their moral compass … their insatiable greed has become a deadly virus destroying its host nation … their campaign billions buy senate votes, stop regulators’ actions, manipulate presidential decisions... Wall Street is bankrupting America." But nobody cares.

Sand Boxing: Gaddafi will be lucky if he can make it to The Hague for his trial. Now a new conventional wisdom seems to be that monarchies/tyrannies/dictatorships can survive with cosmetic concessions. In particular the US relationship with the House of Saud can go on more or less as before.

Rocket Science: 'Oil Price Spikes Often Precede or Coincide With U.S. Recessions'

Explain, Please: If – as they claim – the Saudis have upped their output by a couple of million barrels a day, why did Saudi Arabia raise the price of its crude for April shipments to its Asian and European customers?

All Together Now, Panic! Four children in Japan have died shortly after their parents watched American Idol being vaccinated with a combination of Prevenar and ActHIB. Naturally, all such vaccinations have been halted amid big headlines. The headlines do not report “Millions Successfully Vaccinated!” nor was a connection between the vaccinations and the deaths established.

On the Other Hand: BP says that just because they nearly killed the entire gulf last time there is no reason not to drill some new holes into the seabed. Okay, they've probably learned some lesson (no one's quite sure what lesson but...). So, how much you willing to risk on the “probably”? How much you willing to wager on surviving $250 a barrel oil?

18 – 19 – 20 … In no particular order, Governor Walker's lies, in his own words.

Yes, But: Get that education, they say. I agree and recommend a Liberal Arts education. You might as well be a well-rounded citizen; you are unlikely to be a productive one. Computers were going to save us, instead they are replacing us. Manual labor is still manual labor. Banking and bossing are still ethically challenged enough to require humans. the jobs in the middle – the ones that used to require a college education - can be done cheaper elsewhere, thanks to computers and communications. So get that education; it'll give you something to think about in all that spare time you are going to have.

Porn O'Graph: Median is mean.


Anonymous said...

The headline to the Japenese vaccination story reads:
"Japan halts Pfizer, Sanofi vaccines after four die"

It is indeed strange to see that SAR would defend and shill for a convicted Racketeer like PFIZER, charter member of BIG PHARMA:


Criminal organizations like PFIZER and their Wall Street counterparts should be dismantled. One strike and you are out, particularly when you play with people's lives. The sad part of it all is that the PFIZER prosecution was the exception rather than the rule.

No BIG PHARMA needles and chemicals for me, thanks!

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Do you drive a car? What preventable diseases have you decided your children should die of?


tooearly said...

i too am curious why CK finds it to be important to bash any any stories calling into question the vaccine dogma of the day..seemingly out of character...

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

It is important to "bash" vaccine denialists because it is just that - anti-science denialism. Deciding to let you child suffer from wholly preventable disease through ignorance and fear is to be stomped on always. It is a 'dogma' that has worked for well over 200 years and only became a popular target after one set of totally faked data published in the Lancet and long since debunked.


tooearly said...

it is not all anti-science denialism and you know that i hope
and the amount of suffering of the children i work with every day as a primary care doctor in a poor community has NO relationship to vaccine dogma's penetration or the hysterically rabid support of it.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

tooearly - what specific vaccines are you condemning, based on what empirical data?

tooearly said...

who is condemning vaccine? I saw no condemnation in my posts nor in the story you tried to ridicule...