Saturday, March 19, 2011

SAR #11078

“A no-fly and no-drive endeavor.”

Acts & Deeds: Gaddafi's Libya says it has stopped killing its citizens. Others say “Not so much.

The Struggle is A Joy: The more European bankers and the IMF continue their attempts to impose austerity measures and senseless privatizations on Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and others, the more European citizens tell them “Go Fish.” No matter how little the bankers like it, governance requires the cooperation of the governed, and these citizens are loath togive up the wages, improved working conditions and subsistence pensions that they and their unions successfully fought for over the past half century – just to make up for the damage the banks have done to their economies.

Next: Yemeni doctors say at least 31 people have been killed when 'security forces' – including snipers on rooftops - fired on protesters. One gun, one vote.

Details, Please: Did you have an abortion this year? Was it the result of rape or incest (or most likely both)? How did you pay for the abortion? Do you have a receipt? Identify the date of this abomination, the name of the baby killer and the identity of the facility. Was any tax benefit, directly or indirectly, involved in paying for this abortion, or for the facility that provided the procedure, or the education of the doctor who performed this act of first degree murder? Or so the questions on Schedule A of your 1040 will read next year if the Republicans prevail.

Q&A: Do we need big banks? No. Are big banks more efficient? No. Are big banks systemically dangerous? Yes. Are big banks able to corrupt politicians and manipulate the government? Yes!

Finally, The Question: So why not John Yoo, Alberto Gonzales, and George W. Bush?

The Untouchables: We have created an underclass of 15 million untouchables – people who cannot find a job, or cannot find full time employment. Plus millions more who have been forced to take large cuts in pay in order to find any sort of job. One out of six American workers. And the Republicans think now is the time to cut social welfare safety nets.

Can You Hear Me Now? Citigroup says Europe’s debt crisis won’t be resolved “until a number of country’s restructure their debt and clean up their banks’ balance sheets.” Which is another way of saying that someone holding sovereign euro-bonds is going to lose money.

Cake, Having & Eating: US multinationals (actually, by definition there cannot be “US multinationals”) have more than $1 trillion in profits stashed in overseas tax-havens. They want the Republicans to create a “tax holiday” loophole so they can repatriate the money without ever paying any tax on it. It is, they stress, for the good of the country.


Dink said...


Since the GOP can't make abortion illegal, they'll make it nearly impossible to actually obtain by defunding Planned Parenthood. They'll be a baby boom to unprepared mothers. Education funding will be cut so these kids are kept illiterate. We'll have a generation who can't vote (and may not even realize that they live in a democracy). This is going to suck so hard......

Anonymous said...

"...governance requires the cooperation of the governed..."

Hopefully, more and more of the Undertrodden should begin to realize that they can fight back. Many are doing this by walking away from Debt. Others, in Greece for example, suggest depriving government of their user fess, just not paying. Others might just spit in the Billionaire Soup or Monkeywrench the Lamborghini. There are many undetectable ways in which the Disenfranchised can withdraw cooperation and express their discontent.

How about a web site for this
This would be a good bookend to Anonymous.

(Wisconsin has a good start on this with all those discontented cops, ffs and other necessary workers. Selectively deprive the Rich Perps of their public services.)

kwark said...

RE: The Untouchables: I'm told (by a former oil company employee, now safely retired) that "long-term unemployed" is synonymous with "looser" and therefore undeserving of pity, much less any public assistance. Well he wasn't so succinctly but that's the gist of his rationalization. So there.