Wednesday, June 1, 2011

SAR #11152

Reform should begin by deciding what you want to keep.

Thanks, But No Thanks: NATO thanked Hamid Karzai for his interest in their operations, but declined to accept his advice. They said that blowing up houses with women and children in them was necessary and will continue.

Thanksgiving: With a record 44 million Americans now receiving $133.24 a month in food stamps, we can all raise our glasses and toast the recovery.

Other Facts: The Republicans are complaining about Democrats are accurately describing the Ryan plan as ending Medicare and replacing it with privatized vouchers that won't buy adequate coverage. They admit that this is true, they just don't think the Democrats should go around saying it.

Proof: A Bangladeshi woman turned in a man's penis to the local police station, explaining that the man who attempted to rape her had left it behind.

Kerthump: The Institute for Supply Management's Purchasing Manager's Index came in at 56.6 for May, down from last month's 67.6. This is the largest monthly drop since the economy fainted in October 2008. Both new orders and production posted large declines.

Do the Math: Warmer Oceans = More Tornadoes.

Read The Instructions: The Egyptian military performed “virginity tests” on female protesters arrested during the mass protests, in accordance with FM 23.7, and found that none were virgins. At least not after the examination.

Into The Deep: The S&P/Case-Shiller index shows that in the last quarter house prices reached their lowest point thus far since the collapse began. Prices have now sunk below 2002 levels.

Note In A Bottle: Damned immigrants, not only are they taking all the good jobs and running up the cost of social services, they're also using up all the education. Seems that the 12% of Americans who are foreign-born end up taking 70% of the science prizes. [And I almost didn't use the item because of the racist title on the article.]

Fat Lady In Waiting: Mark Mobius of Templeton Asset Management notes that another financial crisis is inevitable because nothing has been done to remove the causes of the previous one. Specifically, the largest US banks have grown larger, and are now far too enormous to fail.

Wrong Century: Those who ask if killing bin Laden was legal, or if torturing prisoners is legal, or if invading countries at random, assassinating citizens, indefinite confinement without trial, warrantless wiretaps and all the rest of the national security state are legal have mistaken this for an earlier century. Better brush up on your newspeak.

Porn O'Graph: Stamping out hunger.


Anonymous said...

Note in a bottle

I suspect the title is wrong not because it is racist but, because the people winning the science awards are Asian not "brown".

Also from the original article there is no demographic information besides "immigrant". Whatever that means these days.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me laugh -- for putting a funny spin on depressing stuff...