Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SAR #11166

America is economically obese, too.

Democracy, Limited Edition:The enthusiastic middle-class youth who brought down Mubarak are not as happy today as they thought they'd be. But then they didn't think the new military government would throw 7,000 of them in jail pending abuse, torture, a trial and more jail. They should have read the fine print.

The Good News: US retail sales fell, but less than expected – so stocks zoomed up.

Busy, Busy: As the US House voted against funding the start-up war in Libya, the Pentagon stepped up its undeclared war in Yemen – but this one is funded through the CIA so the Congress can't do anything about it.

Pandering: In New York, a proposed law would let disgruntled parents fire half the teachers, or the principal or both, or close the school, or privatize it. Okay, but let's require that any parent voting for such an action must have completed high school, attended all of their child's parent teacher conferences and PTA meetings for the last two years, volunteered to assist the school on at least one project in the current year, and voted in favor of a school tax increase.

Smaller Small Business: Hiring by small businesses in May was at an 8-month low.

Forward To The Past: Republican presidential wannabes, when not running in lockstep against Obama, sing in 7, 8 or 12 part harmony about the glories cut-throat capitalism could bring back if only the government would stop helping the poor and elderly, quit protecting the environment, let the Wall Street rapists investors have their way, outlaw unions and the minimum wage, and keep out all illegal aliens who are not agricultural slaves, nannies or roofers. They are undecided about the 40-hour work week and child labor.

Why? A headline proclaims: Secret US/Afghan Talks Could See Troops Stay for Decades.

Cart, Horse: “... the current slowdown in the US and, increasingly, global growth can be turned around if the globe’s automatic stabilizer, the oil price, eases.” From here it looked far more like the rising price of oil acted like an automatic deflator of economic growth. Again.

Egg, Face: The Republicans forgot that at least one major block of unionized voters was on their side. 'Was' being the operative word, at least among the police in Florida.

Killing Bambi: The benignly yclept Endangered Salmon Predation Prevention Act would authorize the slaughter of sea lions along the Columbia River. It seems they are eating too many salmon. Of course as soon as those sea lions are killed others will show up for lunch and then they'll have to be killed. And so on.

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I'm Not POTUS said...

Republiconts don't need no stinking badges!!!!!!!!!

They only need them to do their bidding at riot crowd control which will be induced by Republiconts holding the police and fire pensions hostage and conditional upon continued enforcement of state control over the citizens.

Our hero cops and firemen will have to soon make a choice that will be much more difficult than picking which side of the same political coin to choose. They will eventually have to choose to believe in the empty promises of politicians of a comfortable retirement or choose to believe in their friends and neighbors right to peaceful assembly.

What odds are the book makers in Vegas gonna put on the later?

Matte Gray said...

Re: Killing Bambi. What we need to do is fire up a marketing campaign on the deliciousness and 100% Americanness of sea lion steaks. Kills two birds with one stone. Ummm, make that three birds, as it leaves more salmon for me.

Anonymous said...

Forward toward the past: CKM, you win the 2011 prize for hyperbole, being shrill and general misrepresentation in 85 words or less.

Were you ever a politician, because you nailed the Democrat talking points.


CKMichaelson said...

Thanks, Bill. Glad you appreciate the effort.


Drewbert said...

Well those certainly aren't the Republican talking points; CKM used far too much detail, numbers, and facts.

Republican talking points:
1. It's about 'merica!
2. It's about our children!
3. Taxes are bad!

Last week, multimillionaire Governor GoodHair Romney told a bunch of unemployed people in Florida, "I'm unemployed too." Not exactly "I feel your pain".