Monday, June 27, 2011

SAR #11178

Judge them by their victims.

That Was Then, This Is Now: New York Fed refuses to tell a federal Inspector General, investigating the loss of pallet loads of cash in Iraq, how many billions it shipped to Iraq during the early days of the US invasion, because, they say, it wasn't their money. It belonged to the people of Iraq and to talk about their funds would be unethical. Apparently secretly shipping their money – unsecured - to Baghdad was not unethical. Iraqi politicians, many of whom are suspected of stealing great chunks of the greenbacks, say yes it was the Iraqi people's money and the US lost it , so the US has to replace it. So they can steal it again.

Preconditions: Egypt's military is reportedly anxious to hand over governmental control to an elected government as soon as they can hand pick the candidates and rig the election.

To Be Continued: Thousands of protesters took to the streets in Syria again last Friday – as they have for over 100 days – despite the violent repression by government troops. About 1,400 have been killed to date. In the northern provinces over 12,000 have fled across the border to Turkey and are now living in tent cities provided by the less than happy Turkish government. Neither Assad nor the Syrian people seem inclined to stop the violence.

Way-Back Machine: Before they'll even talk about the debt ceiling, Republicans want deep cuts in spending and enforceable spending caps aimed at a Constitutionally mandated balanced federal budget. While this may sound good in some abstract way, none of it is remotely possible in the real world. But we're too young to remember 1937, right?

Ask Not.... While TEPCO declines to build a containment wall around the nuclear cores that have melted into the earth and are threatening the groundwater because the expense would harm the value of their stock, pensioners led by a 72-year-old former anti-nuclear activist will help clean up the site.

"After That, We Will Take Europe." Spain's "indignant" activists, having graduated from the streets to the squares and now to the roads across the country say that even the 400 mile marches are just the beginning. They make no secret that their goal is not to reform the government in Spain, but to change the economic landscape throughout Europe.

Representation Without Taxation: While professing deep concern for our nation's future if the deficit is not brought under control, they will not – not even for the sake of our children's future – even consider increasing any taxes on any one no mater how rich, claiming that the government takes too much already - even though federal tax receipts as a percentage of GDP are near historic lows.

Protect and Search: The ever vigilant TSA wheeled a 95 year old woman to a private area and ordered her to remove her adult diaper as part of a 45-minute security search. Asked about the incident, a TSA spokesperson said that TSA always acts “in a respectful and sensitive manner” when strip searching the elderly.

Interpretations: Michelle Bachman's financial records show that her husband's counseling clinic got nearly $30,000 from the state of Minnesota over the last five years while a family farm (of which she is listed as a partner) in Wisconsin has received $260,000 in federal subsidies. Bachman, who is rabidly against government handouts, says “My husband and I did not get the money.” It depends on the definition of 'money'. In response to questions about these transaction she explained she had been a Christian since she was 16 and suggested the reporters investigate the administration's use of limousines.

Exercise, Eat Sensibly and Pick the Right Parents: Studies suggest that lowering your body fat may not lower the risk for heart disease and diabetes if your genes have predisposed you to these risks.

...Walls Came Tumbling Down: An protective berm, 8 feet tall and 16 feet wide at its base, that was protecting the Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant has given way but, according to the Omaha Public Power District, the plant is not in any danger.


rjs said...

i knew that poly balloon donut floodwall around the plant was a bad idea when i first heard of it; didnt see it in that article, but its been said that it was punctured by an equipment operator...

kwark said...

Representation Without Taxation: It's commonly misunderstood that "professing concern for our nations future" means they care about anyone's future but their own {and their paymasters}. In that light, their actions are perfectly understandable. These are the same shills who, when our time comes, will sell you and me down the same debt slavery/privatization drain now contemplated by the Greek government. The fact that most folks who vote for these asses are being screwed by them is a triumph of tax the fanaticism propaganda machine.

Interpretations: I've not yet seen the interview but I gather that her pathetic side-steps of the question was not challenged. The fact that she's bat sh!t crazy and a serial liar doesn't absolve interviewers from asking such hard-hitting questions as "so, you don't consider your in-laws family?" and "government funded mental health training for his employees was NOT a benefit for your husband's business?"