Tuesday, April 9, 2013

SAR #13099

In the end, her own party got rid of her.

Good News/BadNews: The good news is that the GOP as already declared Obama's FY14 budget a non-starter. The bad news is that they say it is because it does not cut Social Security and Medicare deeply enough nor transfer enough money to the 1%.

Now It Can't Be Told: The worst thing about Exxon's pipeline oil spill in Arkansas is that police officers are enforcing Exxon/Mobil's prohibition baring all media representatives from the area or from flying over it.

Circle, Unbroken: After a court ruled Portugal's austerity measures were unconstitutional, Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho says he has no choice to impose additional austerity measures to make up for the €1.4 billion in now-expected revenue shortfall.

Traitors: A survey of Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents found that 62% want the government to take steps to address the threats from climate change.

Missing In-Action: The unemployment rate fell because more and more former workers are slipping into the cracks, going from the 'unemployed' to become part of the no-longer-relevant millions. They officially no longer count. The also no longer consume, having no income.

Two For None: The Portuguese government, in the wake of the Constitutional Court tossing out 20% of the EU/ECB/IMF imposed austerity measures, is reportedly considering paying public employees and retirees one month a year of their salary in treasury bills, not euros. This would essentially create a two-currency economy, with the treasury script valid only inside the country. There would quickly spring up stores that would only take euros... Ah, worked in the USSR didn't it?

De Minimus: Studies suggest that the proposed increase in the minimum wage will increase the cost of an average restaurant meal by 1¢.

Retiring Retirement: The GAO would like you to know that more likely than not your mufti-employer retirement plan hasn't got enough funding and the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation doesn't either. The shortfalls will spread to other employers and plans. Tough. Repeat after me: “Would you like fries with that?”

Don't See, Don't Say, and Don't Show: Corporate animal factory owners have embraced ALEC's “Animal and Ecological Terrorism Act” which makes it a felony for anyone not authorized by the factory farmers to take pictures or videos of livestock. They don't want you to know about the conditions your food is grown in, and you don't either.

Trade Secrets: Chiquita is going bananas over the potential "release of documents related to payments the company made to terrorist groups in Colombia to protect its banana-growing interests.” A criminal inquiry in Columbia is investigating the payments.

Quoted: “I simply cannot imagine any scenario where we would limit the fossil fuel we use based on the consequences of carbon in the atmosphere. I'm all for it mind you, but I just don't see it happening. First, it would be an unprecedented display of self restraint on a mass scale. Second, I don't see how it would even be enforced. Third, the political consequences to anyone who proposed it would be catastrophic. And last, since we are in a supply constrained world, someone else will use what we do not.” 'Twilight' on The Oil Drum.

Reverse Potlatch: Every year each of us pays $1,026 in taxes so the 1% can keep their $1.5 trillion stashed away in tax havens around the globe. And they thank you, not.

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Lamium purpureum.  Purple Dead Nettle.


Anonymous said...

good morning. re: Quoted - the only way to limit gas consumption would be to ration it. Short of a war or other emergency event, that is not gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

regarding, "Don't See, Don't Say, and Don't Show: ...“Animal and Ecological Terrorism Act” which makes it a felony for anyone not authorized by the factory farmers to take pictures or videos of livestock


factory farms...secret...check

bush memos dividing up iraqi oil fields before 911...secret...check

exxon mobil oil spill..secret...check

trans pacific partnership trade agreement...secret...check

secret prisoners kept in a secret jail for secret reasons..coming to a theater near you

the best government money can buy

not best wishes
mock turtle