Saturday, April 20, 2013

SAR #13110

The purpose of life is to get laid; which explains why we start out as optimists and end as pessimists.

Münchhausen's by Proxy: The full panoply of the American Security State was on display Thursday and Friday in Boston and environs. Confusion, and not a little incompetence, reigned – and not only in the media. Mass transit was shut down and the citizenry banned from the streets [at a cost of between $300 million and a billion dollars!]. Sense of proportion? Some 9,000 kevlar-wearing heavily armed police ordered people to stay indoors, then went door to door looking for the suspect. A teenager. You can bet that squirrelly young men around the country were taking notes. Senator Lindsey Graham (Anti-gun controller – SC) epitomized the instantaneous abandonment of the Old America, demanding that the suspect be held as an enemy combatant with no Miranda rights. Tsarnaev is an American citizen on American soil so maybe it'd be better if he was just droned. How many of our tattered freedoms will be burned on this pyre?

Parts Is Parts: The Army has taken delivery, at about $45 million a copy, of seven new AH-64E Apache Guardian helicopters with snazzy new technology covering flight performance, electronic sensors and the ability to control drones. Transmissions are apparently optional.

Harvest: More than 800 cases of measles have been confirmed in Wales in the last month, including one death. Between 1996 and 2002 there were only 8 cases; last year the number jumped to 116. The outbreak is thought to be the direct result of parents refusing to have their children vaccinated – based on ill-informed paranoia stemming from long-since discredited research published in the late 1990's.

Kudos: SAR has been chosen by the staff of SAR to be the recipient of today's Lundberg Self-Recognition Award for Excellence.

Spades: The United States used torture against detainees "in many instances ad across a wider range of theaters." In other words, an investigation by former high ranking State, Homeland Security, Defense, and FBI officials found that under Bush/Cheney torture was not "extraordinary" but routine and widespread. Finding that our use of torture had "no justification" and produced "no significant information of value", they concluded there was no justification to keep the details of rendition and torture from public. and that America still allows torture. Trials, what trials?

Excuses, Excuses: European leaders appear to have suddenly realized that their miracle cure – austerity all 'round – is neither a miracle nor a cure. Now they are suggesting that despite their best efforts “ the crisis and the crisis effects will remain a challenge over the next decade,” and that the “debt crisis will keep growth in Europe subdued for years to come.” Given the choice of continuing the current ineffective policy and letting the long recession become the next depression or printing money, they will print money. Lots of it.

Predictable: Senator Cruz (Cynical-TX) who voted against aid for victims of Superstorm Sandy three times because “cynical politicians” were “exploiting victims of natural disasters to fund pork projects”, wants Obama to send “all available” federal resources to his voters.

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Anonymous said...

RE: By Proxy


Anonymous said...

Vaccination is a sure thing?

I am a very health conscious person and I follow health news more closely than the average person. There have been many studies and reports over the years about defective or harmful vaccines. There was also a recent report about how a research lab falsified data:

Apparently, some of the products which were approved as a result of the research at this lab are still on the market!

As regards vaccines, I have seen numerous reports about their efficacy and effectiveness:

"A FLU vaccine dangerous to children was rolled out across Australia despite serious side effects detected in a clinical trial. "

There are lots of these stories and they are well authenticated.

Also the Robbers Court has given protection Monsanto-style to vaccine manufacturers:

That must be in preparation for Big Pharma getting into vaccines Big Time:

When vaccine manufacturers are in the same bed and have the same political/judicial muscle as the Wall Street gang and agri-biz giants like Monsanto, I sit up and take notice. I also become a bit wary of their products. For a short time in my life, I was employed in the pharma marketing industry. After just six months there, I could not leave fast enough. It was a cesspit of unethical and immoral behaviour. That was over thirty years ago.

So, the larger question really, like the Financial and Economic ones raised on this site, is: Who you gonna trust? When the Rule of Law and, by extension, honest and ethical Regulation, break down, what do you do?

Personally, I would no more be vaccinated with a product from Pfizer, a convicted racketeer, than I would buy an MBS security from Goldman. Same ethics, different Cash Cows.

I think we should put the blame where it really lies, on those who have destroyed the Rule of Law and citizens' faith in our Institutions.

Demetrius said...

Harvest. The bit that is left out of the reporting is that in 1999 the option of a single measles jab in the UK was withdrawn to make the multiple MMR jab the sole protection. There are suggestions that lobbying had a lot to do with that decision. If parents had the option of the relevant jabs phased over time to avoid any risks to chemically sensitive children this may have avoided other problems.