Thursday, April 25, 2013

SAR #13115

After we’ve all become mindlessly stupid, who will notice?

Economic Schizophrenia: There has been a growing drumroll of disappointing economic reports from around the world – weak manufacturing from the US to Europe and Asia, a drop in new orders, and the beginning of the sequester-inspired decline in the consumer sector. So naturally, stock markets are booming. Confused? Don't be. The spectator class is sure the world's central banks will print another bunch of money which will push up the markets. You didn't think it was about reality did you?

Mob Rule: NYC Mayor Bloomberg says we will “have to change” the interpretation of the Constitution because of the Boston bombings. What, pray tell, is left of it to interpret?

The Way We Are: GOP either didn't read the legislation mandating the sequestration of funds, or is being deliberately mendacious (or, of course, both) in railing at the Administration for following the demands of congress. The sequestration's effects on government operations have long been predicted, will become more and more prominent, and will point out to more and more voters that the Republican plan to shrink the government is a rotten idea.

Fried: Americans care more about 'strengthening the economy, jobs, terrorism, and Social Security than they do about the poor and needy or about dealing with global warming. Say 'goodnight', Gracie.

Follow The Bouncing Ball: Back in 2002, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) came up with the "Animal and Ecological Terrorism Act" which has been spreading slowly around the country. Now six states have made taking pictures of the disgusting conditions on factory farms "an act of terrorism”. They do not want customers to know how their food is obtained, no more than Monsanto wants customers to know what's in their food. Don't worry, it's not Soylent Green. Not yet.

Echo: Between 2009 and 2011, the richest 7% of Americans – those with a net worth over $800,000 – saw a 30% increase in their pile of loot. Average Americans fell 4%. That's called The Recovery(TM). No, it's not news; I just don't want you to forget what they are doing to us.

Can We All Get Along? Researchers have discovered that coral groupers, moray eels, and Napoleon wrasse cooperate in getting supper on the table.

Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't: The ECB, faced with proof that the intellectual basis for austerity is no more sound than the austerity measures they had foiste4d on the Club Med peasantry, has concluded that they had completely screwed things up and that stopping austerity at this point wouldn't help – even if it had “reached its natural limits of popular support” (sic). So lean on those oars, or else.

The Missing: We have reached a point where we can see where this road intends to take us. The agenda is a complete and total deconstruction of society and of the world we once knew. In the new America, if the government pretends it can’t see you, you’re not there. Over a million men over 20 have been statistically disappeared. Erased a million, just like that. Sent them to join the other 36 million invisible citizens who are no longer counted. Poof. Gone. A waste product to be flushed down the economic drain. Rather than fix the economy, they just said they fixed the economy. They've made it fashionable, patriotic, for Americans to hate other Americans: we're told our enemies are school teachers, municipal workers, postal workers, union workers and the poor. Especially the poor. It isn’t the clicking jack boots, brass bands or flag-waving displays that make up a fascist state. It isn’t the pointless wars or the corruption of the legal system. It is the abandonment of the people, by the people, to the cheers of the people, as government protects itself from the people. They are building a prison without walls, where to love your country you must hate your government.

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Robert Lowrey said...

Lovely photo.

People fret about "creeping Socialism", even though the US has been a de-facto socialistic economy since WW2, the period of it's economic ascendancy and burgeoning middle class. Creeping Fascism is, however, not only ignored, but encouraged, as per Bloomberg's statement, every time another Warrior (a designation which the War on Terror has elevated them to)takes aim at the US (during a War, which we are in, as per our own Commander-in-Chief, there is no such thing as a 'Terrorist' attack, it is a nonsensical phrase right out of 'Alice in Wonderland'), another politician rails about 'saving' us by destroying everything the US has ever stood for.

Anonymous said...

bloomberg and his kind wont be satisfied until the the name of the first ten amendments is changed from "the bill of rights", to "the bill of privileges"

gargantuan amounts of data on every american is being gathered from phone calls, credit card purchases, travel records, medical records, emails, individuals web search and surf data, and more, and being digitally analyzed, and stored (eventually, in a cube the size of ten football fields to a side, being built in utah).

so how is it that a pscho character from a batman nightmare cant be stopped from buying thousands of rounds of ammo over the internet and shooting dozens of people at a theater

or that even after the ruskies,.... twice......, tell us we have mad-men from chechnya likely to do harm, the intel-sec system can't halt the carnage

answer?, easy, all this data mining and abrogation of the constitution has an alternative purpose

more than 100 thousand died last year due to preventable medical malpractice, many are children... hardly ever makes the news and never a public outcry

just say the word terrarisst and hordes of politicians and people are ready to hand over thier rights just for fake perception of increased security

btw anyone who reads my comments...youre being the camera and sound off on your computer...ah ha i thought so

mach turtle (the old turtle was tooo slow)

Tulsatime said...

MT, the reason the gubbmint can't do anything with all that data is that they have no way to extract anything from all that data. The tech consultants have sold the rubes a handful of beans.

Just because you can collect and store petabytes of data does not mean you can process it in any meaningful fashion. People had to look at all that video footage, since the facial recognition software didn't work (surprise!). It will remain fantasy to prevent, but they can prove ANYTHING they want to.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Hey gang, did that pointless fusillade at the boat explain why by our guardians need to buy millions of rounds of ammo?

Classof65 said...

They can't hit the broadside of a barn...

tulsatime said...

Yep, and that night everybody was saying how all the shots were the same caliber sound. So a one way gun fight. And I still can't believe he is alive.