Wednesday, March 12, 2014

SAR #14071

If we were going to have a "recovery", it should have shown up by now.

Goal Posts: "The only way the west can gain control over what it’s after, over Ukraine and the pipelines, and Russia and its oil and gas reserves, is to oust Putin." Not gonna happen.

He Said She Said: It started when the Senate decided to investigate the Bush-era torture carried out by the CIA. The CIA said there hadn't been any, but Senate staffers found some documents on CIA computers that contradicted that. The staffers secretly (and probably illegally and warrantlessly) copied the documents and took them back to the Senate. The CIA found out and surreptitiously removed the documents from Senate computers. Now everyone is blaming everyone for unconstitutionally investigating and/or covering up unconsttutional behaviors. 
$100,000,000,000,000.00 That's how much we owe, globally. No, we'll never pay it off, but we'll be taxed as though we were. And austerity. And inflation. Are we having fun yet?

There Goes The Neighborhood: Saudi Arabia's upset with neighboring Qatar has reached the point where it's going to build a giant privacy fence to blockade it by land, sea and air if Qatar does not abandon its ties with (and financing of) the Muslim Brotherhood, kick out both the Brookings Institute and Rand Corporation and pull the plug on al-Jazeera.

Suffer, Little Children: Kentucky's Sunrise Children's Services has a budget of $27 million and gets 85% of that from the government. In order to keep getting that funding, Sunrise proposed ending its policy of discrimination against LGBT employees. This angered the good folks at the Kentucky Baptist Convention who have withdrawn the $7 million a year they once gave to the children because... So now Sunrise is faced with trying to please two masters, neither of whom seems overly concerned with the children.

There's An App For That: An outfit called Virginia Self Defense Law, for $8.33 a month, will provide representation for you if you get sued after killing someone in self defense. As their ads say, "It's cheaper than a hunting license."

Plowing It Under: Hidden in the dark recesses of Obama's 2014 budget is a proposal to chop up the non-profit Tennessee Valley Authority and parcel it out for the buzzards to feast on. TVA gets no taxpayer funding and sells electricity at rates below the national average. Selling it off will not benefit the customer, who will then be at the mercy of private enterprise, which will have no motive for maintaining the system, and will quickly set about looting it. Obama wants to be remembered for dismantling the last of FDR's achievements. 
None So Blind: When a Michigan Republican who starred in some anti-Obamacare propaganda was show by Blue Cross that its Premier Gold plan would save her at least $1,200 a year, she flatly refused to believe them. The world, you see, is flat.

Speed Limited: Morgan Stanley sees the current slow, nearly imperceptible, growth in the US economy as the new normal. Y'know, the rich get keep getting richer and the poor don't.

Maybe Next Year: Obama's nominee to continue the 24/7 surveillance of Americans, Vice Admiral Michael Rogers, says that the accumulation and preservation of all the information it can get its hands on is essential to prevent terrorist plans. That the NSA cannot document a single instance of such success in the last decade should not mean that they might not find a needle next year. Or the year after.

Benefits: A high-frequency trading outfit called Virtu, which is not the same as virtue, has the distinction of having but one losing day in its last 1,238 days of trading. Just one. And you didn't even get a lousy T-shirt.

Porn O'Graph: Where the Wild Things hydrocarbons are.

The Parting Shot:
 Stovepipe Sponge, Aplysina archeri.


Matte Gray said...

Re Suffer Little Children, isn't this simply about a religion trying to force its rules onto society at large? Let's take those nasty gays out of the equation here and imagine the Catholic Church trying to block Sunrise employees' access to contraceptives. The choice Sunrise faces is not between two masters but rather whether to give in to religious blackmail.

kwark said...

Re "Plowing it Under": NO surprises there. It's completely consistent with this administration's continuation of the Bush Era policy of selling-off the West, as fast as possible, to so-called "green" energy conglomerates - whose only real claim to "green" is the money they're making off of raping the environment in order to save it.