Friday, March 14, 2014

SAR #14073

We know a hell of a lot. But we understand very little.Manfred Max-Neef

Permanent War For Permanent Peace: Once again America has miscalculated the world's appetite for its version of democracy. While John Kerry is telling Putin he has to slink out of Crimea by Monday or face sanctions, Russia promises to impose its own sanctions – and theirs might actually work.

The Price Of Progress: Between China's credit contraction, the plunge in copper prices, and the nonsense in Ukraine, Russian stocks crashed, European stocks fell, and US markets had a very bad day
Straw Without Bricks: The new Italian government is cutting taxes for those making less than 1,500 euros a month, raising taxes on financial instruments and pretending that some modest cuts in social spending – and extra borrowing - will cover the costs. They won't, and the EU has cut Italy's rating down to the level of Slovenia and Croatia.

We've Come To This: The US has finally released an Algerian who had been held in cage at Guantanamo for over 12 years – with no charges against him. He got the T-shirt and three coupons good for Big Macs.

Cost Cutting: Wisconsin Republicans have passed a bill limiting early voting to Republicans to a total of 45 hours a week,Monday through Friday, between 8AM and 7PM. Democrats, not understanding the democratic principles involved, claim this is an attempt to suppress voting by their supporters. 
Capitalism: In an effort to boost profitability, GM chose not to spend $1 per car to fix a potentially deadly ignition problem. For over 12 years.

Impartiality: Obama is supporting the Senate Intelligence Committee in it's struggle to investigate the CIA's supposedly defunct detention, rendition and torture program by withholding more than 9,000 documents for more than five years. The less they have to read through, the easier their job, right?

Lifestyles: For decades Americans understood that they could take an entry-level low-paying job, learn the business, gain skills and experience, and move up the ladder, maybe even ending up in the executive suites. Today they understand that they'll take an entry-level low-paying job, work hard and keep it.

Down The GDP Staircase: Goldman has taken another whack at 1Q2014 GDP, cutting their estimate to 1.5%, just half of their original guess.

Just Asking: Why not make it a felony for anyone, anywhere, for any reason, to track the internet use of anyone. Sure it would make Google unprofitable. So? Yes, it would cut down on the ads. So? If you have a service that someone wants, and you need the money, make them pay for it. Otherwise, quit following me around. And yes, the same thing for cell-phone GPS data. There is no valid reason for anyone to capture and record the data. Yes, they have to know where you are right now to complete the call, but no one should be able to keep a permanent record of where you've been. Just say no. G'night Nancy.

Half A Loaf: Developed countries are interested only in reducing climate change’s impact, not in stopping it. After all, why should we have to be inconvenienced today just because our grandkids will inherit the rewards of our deliberate indifference?

Porn O'Graph: Trumped.

The Parting Shot:
 Blackbar Soldierfish, Myripistis jacobus.

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