Saturday, March 29, 2014

SAR #14088

Generally when a politician says something particularly stupid, he's just sucking up to a particularly stupid demographic.

Back By Popular Demand: Irresponsible parents in Orange County California are responsible for the worst outbreak of measles in the US in over 20 years. In one charter school in the county 56% of kindergartners were intentionally unvaccinated because California has a law that says parents can put their kids at risk based on irrational fears. Measles had been eradicated from the US by 2000, but the anti-science bunch has managed to reverse that.

Making The Cut: Michigan's Republican governor has signed a bill eliminating early voting on weekends, because too many hourly workers – suspected Democrats – were avoiding the long lines after work on election day. The managerial class – thought to be Republicans – can still take a few hours off during the week to vote, so it's a win-win. 
Trump: A federal judge has ruled that a company's censoring search results for political reasons was simply editing and as such was protected under the First Amendment. In essence, lying is protected speech – but we knew that.

Travel Plans: Gay marriage is now legal in England and Wales. Back in the US, the AG says that the federal government will recognize the same sex marriages conducted in Michigan - turns out that the Governor can't retroactively nullify legally performed weddings.

Permanently Temporary: The dramatic increase in contract and temporary jobs since the Current Unpleasantness began is likely to become a permanent feature of American employment practices. It is far cheaper for the companies. Ask your local college about adjunct faculty.

Drumroll: There are 67 people who together have more money than the poorest 3.5 billion of us. That's $1.7 trillion, in case you were wondering. And an average $486 for each of the 3.5 billion on the bottom of the heap, while elite average $31 billion. Over 40% of these biggies are Americans. 
Porn O'Graph: Is the S&P a bubble? Yes, funny you should ask.

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kwark said...

Re "Back by Popular Demand" Don't live in Orange County but my little corner of California has its share of these fools. Personal experience suggests to me that all their "arguments" for not vaccinating their kids are cover for the real reason which is "I'll let everyone ELSE take the risk so my kids won't". This is not surprising to me though since we are immersed in a society where it's OK to think "screw everyone else, I'm getting mine now."

TulsaTime said...

Kwark- I think many are folks that are not as bright as they think they are, in addition to being late followers on the anti-modernity train. There are also legions of the poor and displaced/dislocated that can't do any of those stadard things that we take as the trappings of civilization. There are some that are fearful, and missed vacs may be the least that their children face in the wat of threats.