Saturday, May 23, 2015

SAR #15143

Are they legalizing marijuana in order to empty the jails for the next wave of victims?

Great Big Nothing: The FBI's IG reports that although the Bureau obtained “large collections” of data about Americans, the information gathered under the Patriot Act's super-snooper powers has not led to solving or preventing a single case of terrorism in the US. The only 'successes' have come from agent provocateurs conning hapless dopes into stupidly following the agents' suggestions.

No Harm, No Foul: The Pentagon, admitting it squandered $34 million on a lavish facility in Afghanistan that was never used, says it was a prudent investment and seemed like a good idea at the time. 
Socialists: France will require supermarkets to donate unsold but edible food that is past its 'sell-by' date to charity rather than throwing it away.

Point Made: While Obama and Company keep telling us that the TPP and TTIP will not encroach on national sovereignty, the EU has dropped regulations limiting the use of hormone-damaging chemicals as a result of pressure from... US officials. And a consortium of tobacco companies are filling multi-billion dollar compensation claims over potentially lost profits due to the UK's requirement for plain packaging of cancer drugs.

Cat/Bag: Even in Japan they realize that Hillary Clinton’s life of crime has been very lucrative.

Zero Sum Game: Obama, at West Point, claimed that those who deny the reality of human induced climate change are endangering national security, which is why he had to open the Arctic to oil drilling... or something like that. 
Echo-Echo: A Federal judge has once again ruled that gay couples have the right to marry in Alabama, even though Alabama's chief justice continues to maintain that the “pursuit of happiness” means following the Bible and stoning gays and adulterers and interest charging bankers to death
Count Me In: Mike Huckabee says you’re a bad person if you enjoy watching the con-artist child molesting condoning Duggars fall from grace and watching the Republican presidential hopefuls, including Huckabee, scurry away from their praise for the whole litter.

Panic! Florida says it will encourage folks trying fleeing hurricanes to clear their way by brandishing sidearms.

An Education: Robert De Niro dropped a bit of realism into his commencement address at NYU, telling the grads, “'You made it -- and you're fucked.”

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Derek said...

point Made 2: And the WTO arbitration process has decided that in the U.S. no labels can go on meat to tell you where it comes from. That gave Japan an idea: they filed two days later to prevent South Korea from labeling place of origin on vegetables so Japan can continue to profit by selling radioactive produce and yet not irradiate (most of) its own citizens.