Tuesday, May 26, 2015

SAR #15146

To Whom It May Concern: A Chinese state-owned newspaper – presumably speaking for the government – says that if the US doesn't stop poking its nose into China's “land reclamation” project in the South China Sea a war is “inevitable”, and that “the intensity of the conflict will be higher than what people usually think of as ‘friction’.” 
Clip & Save: Iraq's Prime Minister assures the world that Ramadi “will be retaken in days.”

Blaming the Victims: Bangladesh's Prime Minister is calling for “strict punishment” of those who “illegally” leave Bangladesh looking for a better, or at least survivable, life, because “They are tainting the image of our country on the international stage." As if.

Is Finance Parasitic? Yes, in detail. Always was, can't be otherwise.

The Easy Button: Texas' Greg Abbott has signed a bill that will allow the permitting process for industrial progects to be essentially secret, with little if any public notice or scrutiny. It'll speed things up, the governor said, especially the destruction of the environment. 
Mission Impossible: Here's another example of things Obama says cannot happen under the TPP or TTIP: The EU has dropped its plans for safer pesticides because of pressure from US and provisions of the TTIP.

Good Question: What if what everyone knows about the economics of the technological revolution is wrong?

Evidence Based Economics: The low-tax, low-service economic model followed by a number of Republican-led states has proven to be an ineffective model for economic development. But that won't stop them from inflicting ever more damage on their citizens and their economies in the pursuit of justification for the emotionally-inspired infliction of suffering on the poor.

Multiple Choice: Mike Huckabee says the next president (but presumably not this one) must obey a 'Supreme Being' instead of the Supreme Court. He didn't specify which Supreme Being he had in mind.

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kwark said...

re "Multiple Choice": Wrap it in the flag, sugar coat it with religious symbolism, or posit some vague but significant threat; the typical doublespeak methods employed by those who want to make decisions that violate the law.