Tuesday, September 15, 2015

SAR #15258

Into The Liars' Den: Bernie Sanders gave a speech at Jerry Fallwell's Liberty University, stressing the injustice of an America that does not feed its poor not care for its sick. The good little Christian boys and girls didn't want to hear about feeding the poor and caring for the sick, not while gay Americans were marrying each other and abortion was still legal. Bernie was polite enough not to shame them for caring more about fetuses than hungry children.
Slackers: "If people on disability were faking it, they wouldn’t have such high death rates. People on disability are three to six times more likely to die than people in their age group who are not on disability."
Junkyard Dog: Senator Elizabeth Warren has explained to Candidate Ted Cruz that if he wants a fight over funding Planned Parenthood leading to another government shutdown, she's up for it.
Teeter-Totter: Debt levels around the globe have reached such precarious heights that many fear even a small hike in US interest rates could begin an avalanche of problems that could bring the whole edifice down.
On Popular Democracy: Polls show that 43% of Republicans think believe that Obama is a Muslim, and 20% of adult Americans believe he was born outside the country. These are the folks who keep electing Mitch McConnell who says US businesses are being held back because the unemployed are ““doing too good with food stamps, Social Security and all the rest” to look for work.
Rule Britannia: Seems that even in the Commonwealth nations such as Australia, British tradition protects the well connected when they commit crimes against children, while back home British police have dropped their investigation murders committed by a VIP Westminster pedophile ring. Down under, Robert Emmett, son of an Appellate judge and a Federal Circuit Court judge was permitted to plead guilt to charges of “filming the private parts of children” and possessing over 9,000 pornographic child abuse images on his computer. In exchange for his plea he must do 32 hours of “community service” each month for two years. Hopefully not in a youth center.
God Question: What sort of country will we have when everyone gets to do only that part of their job that fits with their reading of the Bible. Or Koran, Kama Sutra, or the instructions to their microwave.

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kwark said...

Re "Slackers": Just one of the lies promulgated by the right against pretty much EVERY facet of government that once functioned as a "safety net" for the little guy. Government shouldn't intrude on what is rightfully the responsibility of your neighborhood church (and it's your fault if you don't have one). But a safety net for the rich and powerful? Now that IS the government's job!