Friday, September 18, 2015

SAR #15261

It is death that makes life interesting.
They Ain't Seen Nothing Yet: Sure, Europe is overwhelmed with the tens of thousands of desperate migrants fleeing hunger and violence in Africa and the Middle East , but this is just the beginning. As global warming continues and continues to worsen, the violence and the hunger will only grow, as will the waves of migrants. Over the next couple of decades the numbers will not be tens or hundreds of thousands, but millions, perhaps tens of millions. Europe best get ready. So should the United States, because things to our south are not going to get any better either.
Plan B: After two months of investigation, Republicans in the House have concluded that Planned Parenthood did not sell fetal tissue for profit, did not break any law, and did not misuse any federal funds. They also concluded that they would have to defund Planned Parenthood because they still don't like it.
Not Invented Here: Not only did the US reject repeated offers by Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria to surrender in favor of continued combat, it also rejected a 2012 offer by Russia to help get rid of Assad and avert the ongoing civil war and the rise of ISIS.
Just Saying No: The Federal Housing Finance Agency, which oversees both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, wants to raise their CEOs' pay from $600,000 a year to $4 million – sso that they could eventually hire “reliable” individuals to fill the positions. The Senate, bless 'em, said no.
Perspective: The Wall Street Journal (and lots of me-toers) are all hot an bothered that that raving socialist Bernie Sanders want to spend $18 trillion over 10 years on a single-payer universal healthcare plan for all Americans. What they fail to mention is that we already spend $1.4 trillion a year, don't cover everyone and get pretty mediocre health care for the money – while driving up the cost of employment and lowering our competitiveness with countries that already have single payer systems, which is most of our trading partners. But there seems to be something wrong with actually getting what we're paying for if there aren't profits in it for private insurance companies and for-profit healthcare companies.
Revised Revisions: The US Air Force Chief of Staff says that acting on the F-35's continued inability to meet contract specifications – such as being able to fly, or to shoot its guns, or drop ordinance – by reducing the number the Air Force will buy would damage the program just when it looks like it might someday become operational. Plus it would cut into foreign sales of the turkey.
Just Bidness: Carly Fiornia, more than a little misleadingly, cites her time at Hewlett Packard as her prime qualification to be President. One of the worst CEOs ever., she “destroyed half the wealth of her investors” and still took home nearly $100 million.
Over-reaction Are Us: The idiocy in Irving over a homemade clock begins to be understandable (not excusable, mind you) when you learn that a couple of years ago they reacted to a chain email that warned of a Muslim takeover of the schools' curriculum by hiring a former social studies teacher to produce a report that concluded the curriculum is heavily biased in favor of Christianity.
And The Band Played On: The Census Bureau reports that there was no improvement in wages during 2014, no increase in the median household income and no decrease in the number of Americans living in poverty. Income was, in fact, 6.5% lower than it was in 2007 before all this recovery took place. It's the new normal of low official unemployment, high real unemployment, low wages and little inflation. But we're doing just fine, depending how you define “we” and “fine”.


Anonymous said...

Seems Trump, Carly and Hillary all have a similar talent for making money out of failure.

Anonymous said...

Seems the British have forgotten not just their history in Afganistan, but the US History there as well. It was US Dam/Barrage building here, right in the 1950s that destroyed the existing, reasonably stable tribe & kingdom political economic system. It did this by flooding some tribal lands, changing the value of some large but formerly unproductive holding, etc; and by putting too much power into one tribes hand, debauched the role of the king as neutral arbitrator, peacemaker and re-distributor of wealth. Trying to hold the reservoir is the equivalent of saving the cancer from the patient's immune system.

Non-organic Western aid often does this sort of damage, we keep the 3rd world just that.