Tuesday, September 29, 2015

SAR #15272

We'll Be Back! Maybe: After pouring over $7 billion down a disappointing hole in the Chukchi Sea, Shell has ceased exploration activity in offshore Alaska “for the foreseable future.” Seems the cornucopia didn't cornucooperate.
Me Too: Audi says that they installed “cheat” emissions software in over 2.1 million of their cars. Some (just some?) BMW, Mercedes and Peugot cars actually use at least 50% more fuel than their EPA claims.
Chastity Belts? Appearing on FOX, Seton Motley, president of Less Government, said that instead of raising the minimum wage, the best way to keep people off of welfare was to stop low wage workers from having children. “The problem is a family of three is not supposed to be living on a minimum wage. “If you’re making minimum wage, you shouldn’t be having children and trying to raise a family on it.” In North Carolina the GOP-controlled Senate passed a bill that would limit food stamp benefits to three months for most unemployed adults without children, because that would encourage them to finish college.
File & Forget: An investigation by the Missouri Attorney General found “no evidence” that Planned Parenthood mishandled any fetal tissue.
His Story: In South Dakota the Board of Education has decided that public school students, from Kindergarten to High School, need not be bothered with learning about the Constitution, slavery, the slaughter of American Indians or any of that stuff that tarnishes our history.
Playing To Their Publics: The Irving, TX chief of police and the mayor claim that nothing about the arrest of Ahmed Mohamed for building a clock was wrong, and that “he got what he asked for.”
Our Kentucky Home: Kim is not the only one; two other Kentucky county clerks claim God has told them to refuse to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples but have not been in trouble with the courts simply because no gays have applied to their offices. And they'd like it to stay that way.
Wish I'd Said: Boehner Exits House of Shards. “John Boehner was a terrible, very bad, no good speaker of the House... We're going to miss him.”
Just Askin' Does Jeb Bush really need a $3 million tax cut?
Pig/Poke: After originally refusing to dignify Lord Ashcroft's story about Cameron and The Pig with a response, PM David Cameron now specifically denies that it was the dead pig's mouth that he put his “private part” in. He also claimed that he was too busy to sue Ashcroft for hamming things up.
Fish In A Barrel: Swiss authorities have opened an investigation into whether banks have been illegally fixing precious metals prices.
Mission Accomplished: Walmart's customers do not like the long lines at checkout, the lack of customer service, the shoddy goods, the below-average produce and the wobbly-wheeled carts. In other words, they don't like Walmart except for the price. They'll be back.
Yawn: Saudi Arabian helicopter attacks have killed another 25 Yemeni civilians, which seems to please their al-Qaeda allies.
Rude Awakening: Vladimir Putin wants the US to learn that only the people of a country are entitled to decide who should govern their country. Sisyphus.
Same Old Same Old: In August, personal income grew by 0.3% while outlays grew by 0.4%, which isn't really a Good Idea. Even so, pending home sales fell 1.4%, so that's not where the money went.


Anonymous said...

Seton Motley must be against Mitt, Rubio, both Mormons who parents collected some social assistance when they immigrated to the USA. Rubio will be anything you want for the right price, so he fits his own profile for welfare queens.

Walmart shoppers are full of themselves, as in full of crap.
The only thing they are not full of is veggies and fruits picked by illegals - it's chemicals, petrol derived food they crave.

Anonymous said...

Crocodile Tears Bernie Sanders put it a little bit more politely, but Boehner has a boner thinking about all that money he's going to start collecting as a lobbyist.

Anonymous said...

Shell Game I suspect Alaska was just a gambit to get Russia to back off pressing Shell to give up more for it's leases on the other side of the Arctic.

McMike said...

Re: Minimum wage. And so the GOP is pro-family... how?

Read "False Dawn" by John Gray sometime. Great chronicle by a former Thatcherite economist of how he came to realize that all that conservative economic stuff was actually destroying families.

Re BMW. EVERYTHING IS BROKEN. Banks exist now merely as criminal cabals to launder money for criminals, rig global markets, game their system for their own book, and scam their own customers. Lending money is an afterthought, unless usury is involved.

Health care/pharmaceuticals seems most adept at making people sicker and at making their customers broke.

The US military and covert forces barely pretend to care who they are fighting and arming at any point in time, or how, or why, or whether they are citizens or guilty of anything.

Domestic police have devolved into criminal gangs of liars, thugs and assassins. Hostile to the public they serve and the laws they are supposed to uphold.

And car makers engage in a massive. long term (and increasingly obviously an open secret widespread multi-party international conspiracy involving several companies, multiple factories, thousands of employees, engineers, dealers, and executives) effort to game regulations that are in place to directly protect public health and the environment from undisputed threats. A conspiracy that likely killed tens of thousands and sickened several multiples more, as well as hastened global warming.

What other storied institutions have devolved into sociopathic simulacra of themselves?

kwark said...

Re "Rude Awakening": While certainly true, one wonders if Putin knows what hypocrite means.