Wednesday, April 1, 2009

SAR #9091

Don't worry about global warming destroying our civilization;

it'll be long gone before then.

Mushroom Farm: Banks want to change the "mark to market" rules so they can call some of their worthless paper "inactive" and value it at Tinkerbell prices. That'll build confidence.

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet: The worst drought, flooding, storms and mass extinction imagined by the IPCC's 2007 report are coming true. Temperatures, sea levels, acid levels in oceans and melting ice sheets are already "beyond the patterns of natural variability within which our society and economy have developed and thrived."

Definition: Wage deflation is when your employer lowers your pay and gives you extra time off (NY Times). Or your employer fires 1600 and suggests you would like to take a pay cut (McClatchy). Or your company, now employing mostly temp workers, tells them their pay is suddenly 10% less (Microsoft). When the boss says your pay has baeen reduced to zero and you can have the rest of your life off, it's called 'strengthening the bottom line.'

Mighty Mouse Saves the Day!!! Not to worry, the Fed is buying government debt and government agency debt to the tune of a trillion dollars. Where they getting the money? From thin air. The best part is, once they dilute the value of the dollar they get to charge you interest on the money they just conjured up. No worries. And to think some people think there's something wrong with this system.

Revelations: Giant Volcanoes! Asteroid Collision! Monster Tsunami!! Bird Flu!!! And now Sun Storm! According to a joint NSA/National Academy of Science report, a giant storm on the sun could knock out electrical transformers all over the world, plunging the world into years of catastrophe.

Creed: Top officials at the Fed and in the Obama administration are in thrall to the magic of markets - the free market - and haven't noticed that the market is giving them the finger. But magic is magic and if the markets are magic then they can be wizards. Like the sorcerer's apprentice.


Anonymous said...

RE: Revelations and Seen nothing yet:

I am sooo tired of doom and gloom. As The Fly from wrote today;

"A great man once said “I want an armageddon asap!” This thought and sentiment is exactly how I feel, truth be told. Just bring it on already. Fuck all of the foreplay. Let’s see tanks roll over protesting hippies in D.C. and U.S aircraft carriers sink shrimping boats off the coast of China."

I kinda agree. Let's break out the AR-15's and all the hoarded .223 ammo just get this over with.


TulsaTime said...

an excellent idea, now where did i put the drawings for that belt feed, watercooled, 8 guage????

Teotwawkian said...

Is this really dinner conversation? I mean, .223, that's not a main course, that's an apperatif. Gimme some 7.62 at least.

Your armageddon is on the way. It won't slap you silly. It will strangle you slowly. Like a smiling python waiting patiently for its dinner.

Didn't you read the headlines today? You're definitely on the menu. Under glass. Yummmmm.

Anonymous said...

anon. at 9:37

you need to calm down a little -

don't ya think?

Merry-will-go-round said...


WOW! Thanks for the great postings today! I'm breathless at your deft word combinations. They accurately sum up my impression of today's news, too.

Ignore the weak-kneed, chattering Anoni of the world who prefer to hide under steaming piles of mirthless propaganda and denial.

Persevere with your intelligent wit and honesty so that the freethinkers amongst your readers may rejoice and multiply.

Graci, CK.