Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SAR 10083

'Beggar thy neighbor' is a reaction, not a plan.

Numbers, Numbers:   A CNN poll shows 39% think the Affordable Care Act is just right, 13% think it didn't go far enough.  That's a majority - 52%. Which suggests that running against the bill is not going to be a winning strategy next fall.

It's All AcademicSome Chinese university student wrote a paper on how a cyber attack on a small US power grid sub-network could lead to the cascading failure of the entire US grid.  The US House Foreign Affairs Committee gave him an “A”.

Worth A Try: Maybe Israel would behave a bit better if we cut their $3 billion a year allowance.

Rooms at the Inn:  A 20% drop in revenue has driven 16% of hotel-backed CMBS delinquent.  Fitch sees this figure doubling by 2012.

Distinction:  The Saudis have increased their productive capacity to over 12 million barrels a day.  They say.  Their net exports have declined since 2005 and their production peaked in 2008.  Lack of demand, they say.  ‘Capacity’ and ‘performance’ seem to be slightly different concepts.

Relatives:  Most Canadians feel they will be able to retire comfortably, but in the absence of savings and retirement planning they are unable to explain how this is going to come about.  Just like their American cousins.

Tiptoeing:  A team of 30 scientists from around the world has identified nine environmental processes that must remain within specific limits for humankind to continue to exist on Earth.  Of the nine, we've already crossed the line on biodiversity loss, the nitrogen cycle, and climate change.  Yawn.

Advice:  “When reality comes knocking, be long gone.”  Before you open the door, make sure it is opportunity knocking, not reality.


ibilln said...

Thanks mucho for the ACA numbers!

Anonymous said...

Worth A Try: Maybe Israel would behave a bit better if we cut their $3 billion a year allowance.


How many Congresscreatures/US Officials are dual Israeli(first)-US Citizens?
Maybe time to give dual citizenship a second look. With Israel, it doesn't seem to work.

Anonymous said...


Canadians are smug and complacent and ignorant of the world around them. The Vancouver Olympics and Canadian boorish behaviour should have proved that to the World. Here's a good example regarding organized crime controlling Infrastructure in Canada:

"Nicaso told The Canadian Press that no Canadian government has ever shown a desire to look into “this grey area where criminals, politicians and businessmen get together for different reasons.

“I don’t think in Canada there is political will or commitment to fight organized crime,” Nicaso said.

“The problem has been here for so long and they’ve never taken action or addressed the problem in the right way.”"

The electoral system is a sham, you can win an absolute Majority with 35% or so of the vote. A Farce. It goes on and on, really sad.

At least a lot of Yanks know their country is a disaster. They can at least comfort each other.