Thursday, March 25, 2010

SAR #10084

Our self-gratification will lead to our self-destruction.

The Price of Friendship?  On 9/11 nearly 3,000 died in New York.  Since then nearly 6,000 Pakistanis have died in over 330 terrorists attacks, mostly bombings and mostly because their government is helping the US in its war on the remnants of al Qaeda and the Taliban.

A Few Questions:  Gallup just reported that US unemployment is at 20%, instead of the BLS's 9.8%.  According to the BLS, if no-one got hired or fired for the next 6 to 9 months, the unemployment rate would drop to about 5% - because those who have used up their unemployment benefits, those who have given up hope, and those who work but a few hours a week are not counted as unemployed by the BLS.  Imagine, reaching a 5% unemployment rate while 14 million who used to have jobs are still sitting at home watching Days of Our Lives.

Asked and Answered:  Will Bagram be the new Gitmo?  Already is.

One View:  “Conservatives and Republicans have suffered their most crushing legislative defeat since the 1960s.  It’s hard to exaggerate the magnitude of the disaster.  We (the GOP) followed the most radical voices in the party and the movement, and they led us to abject and irreversible defeat."  David Frum, former high-ranking GOP official, who also cited the conservatives' refusal to compromise as a major fault that will haunt them in November.

Bigger TruckIn the 1960's a dollar of debt would add nearly another dollar to the nations GDP. By 3Q2009 the return on a new dollar of debt seems to have resulted in lowering productivity by 15 cents.  Too much of a so-so thing, apparently. W e're going to have to borrow a whole lot more, Ollie.

Thoughtful Food:  Alternative energies tend to be more expensive than fossil fuels.  They are not a solution to expensive oil.

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