Wednesday, May 4, 2011

SAR #11124

The stars are aligning again, take heed.

Down the Rabbit Hole:The Canadians have given Prime Minister Stephen Harper a majority, which means they have authorized him to do exactly the wrong things: Cut corporate taxes, curb government spending on social programs, further coddle the oil and other extractive industries and in general slow the economy while increasing the national deficit in the name of fiscal prudence.

Left-handed Compliment: The Right wants George W. Bush given appropriate credit for bin Laden's ultimate capture and execution. Okay, thanks, George, for failing to catch him.

Chain Gang: When Greece restructures (reschedules, defaults, pick your poison) its debts, and it will, what happens to Irish banks – which have 83% of their bank capital at risk? And 55% of Portugal's bank assets are similarly at risk, and Portugal is already in the tank. Together Ireland and Portugal represent 138% of the capital of Spanish banks and Spain represents 94% of the capital in the German banking system. If you suspect this all turns out poorly, raise your hand.

Coming Attraction: Can't summarize Jeff Huber's take on Le Grande Affaire... echoes yesterday's lead comment.

Preferences: Research has repeatedly shown that expensive wine does not taste expensive unless you know it's expensive, which explains what she sees in him, modern art, and several recent presidents.

Long Story Short: A long article entitled “How America Went from Surplus to Deficit” can be easily summed up: The 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, in conjunction with Bush's elective wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, plus a supporting role by the Bush Administration's massive gift to the pharmaceutical industry camouflaged as The Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit.

In Quotes: “Deteriorating environmental conditions are probably the most important factor in the collapse of civilizations.”

Soothsayers: Based on actual performance, which is a strange standard these days, Paul Krugman is the most accurate prognosticator, Cal Thomas the worst. In general, liberal non-lawyers are better than conservative law school graduates at guessing what's around the corner.

War Is A The Force That Gives Us Meaning: What if, from the beginning, everyone killed in the Iraq and Afghan wars, everyone - soldiers, civilians, families, men, women and children - had been buried in a single large cemetery easily accessible to the American public? Vengeance is ours....

No Exit: “It simply isn’t possible to pass legislation where the many benefit but a few entrenched special interests lose out.” Politicians make choices based on today's constituents and the very next election. Too bad the beneficiaries of the steps we should take today won't be born for another 10, 20, or 30 years. Besides, the “Republicans chose to equate climate change with taxation, and a well-financed campaign made climate change denial almost a litmus test for conservative orthodoxy.” So tell the grandkids it wasn't personal, you always liked them but you liked your money more.

A Part of the Problem: In addition to global supply and demand and the inevitable cries of speculation, the expensive promises made by producer states to their restive citizens will require much higher prices for oil.

You Are Here: Why a jobless recovery? Because creating jobs in the US is not profitable. Globalization severed the connection between corporate profits and jobs in the US. Corporations no longer need the US worker and no longer have any vested interest in supporting the US social structure. Education, health, human services, and social safety nets are noisome costs corporations see no profit in supporting. In this case, the map is the territory.

Porn O'Graph: I think I see the problem...


Demetrius said...

Chain gang, I can already feel the shackles.

I'm Not POTUS said...

I am going to get all Gumby on Jeff Huber's arse for stealing my movie script.

(Gumby; See last successful case law on stolen movie scripts)

Author suffers from Terminal Vague Reference syndrome. Tooter Vile Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Down the Rabbit Hole:...

Canadian Electoral Fraud:
The Conservative Party which "won" the election, got ONLY 39.62% of the national vote BUT they get 167 of the 308 seats in Parliament; that is 54% of the seats for only 39.62% of the vote! That's a pretty good deal and a wonderful Racket imported from the Royal lovin' Brits. So, Canadians do not want this "majority" government but, unless Toronto goes Cairo, we are stuck with it and its American inspired right wing nuttiness and criminal depredation.

By the way, the Governor of the Bank of Canada is a GOLDMAN GUY, appointed without any fuss or opposition by ANY of the political parties.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

I'm Not POTUS - I understand your distress. I'll testify that you have the earlier time/date stamp, but he's got pictures. I did, minimally, give you the nod.


OSR said...

You know what's even neater than this Porn O' Graph? Plot the world population for the last 200 years. Now, overlay the population graph with the petroleum production curve for the same period. Assuming a peak in 2005, draw a horizontal line any point on the backside of the oil curve until it intersects the front side. Note the population at the point of intersection and subtract it from the current population. The difference is roughly how many people are going to die from lack of resources.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

OSR - Seems pretty much true to me - probably a number somewhat under 2 billion. I've seen something pretty much like that somewhere... haven't got a reference now, but if someone could send/post it, I'd be proud to use it.