Wednesday, May 25, 2011

SAR #11145

Drug companies sell dependency, not cures.

Dead Hoarse: Christian Noyer of the European Central Bank joined the chorus flatly ruling out any restructuring of the Greek debt, saying “there’s no solution possible” other than austerity. Ditto for Portugal, Ireland, Spain, and, soon, Italy. The fact that austerity hasn't worked in the UK, Ireland or Greece, doesn't mean another dose won't work wonders.

Look Ma, No Hands: Investors, fearing inflation, snapped up $35 billion in US 2-year Treasuries priced to yield 0.56%, the lowest yield since December. Oh, wait, at one-half of one percent interest, they're not afraid of inflation. Quick, make a list of the things they are afraid of.

Aide de Memoire: Make a list of the Republicans lining up to pledge their lives, their fortune and their sacred honor to defending the Ryan budget. Next year you can compare it to the list of Republicans who claim they never heard of it – or they supported it because it was the right thing to do, only the narrow minded Democrats wanted to keep Medicare and Social Security and tax the rich.

Penny Saved: Over 30% of the houses now in foreclosure have not made a mortgage payment in over 2 years. What's 24 times your mortgage? $25,000? $40,000?

Olé: Something unusual is happening in Spain. Young people, upset about the 20+% unemployment, the public corruption and the looming austerity program, have created their own version of Tahrir Square. At what point does protest become revolution?

Be Prepared: Kansas has passed a law prohibiting insurance companies from offering abortion coverage in the state, except for when a woman's life is at risk. One of the sponsors of the bill, Republican Pete DeGraff, said that women should plan ahead for things like rape, just like he plans ahead and has a spare tire in his car. Simply living in Kansas puts a woman's life at risk.

1 + 2 = 3: Not only did Fukushima reactor #1 melt down in the first couple of days after the earthquake, so did #2 and #3. Win, place and show.

Best Intentions: Georgia Republicans, in a panicked rush to appease the right wing over immigration, have passed a law that will keep farmers who need large numbers of help – say picking onions and peaches – from hiring illegals. This will result in fewer peaches and onions being picked, but will have little effect of immigration, which will still be necessary to provide roofers, gardeners, maids...

Easy Question: What is the great GOP hope for the 2012 elections? That we're as stupid in 2012 as we were in 2010.

My Bad: Preacher Harold Camping says that the reason the world is still here is not that God forgot but that there was a simple math error in calculating the date. The correct date for the end of the world is October 21, 2011. Mark your calendar.

Schedule: When will the next charlatan come along? Who will be the next 'sensible' Republican? Or is the MSM commentariat finally getting a little leery of right-wing would-be heroes with instant fixes that involve hardship for the majority and tax cuts for the rich?

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Anonymous said...

At what point does protest become revolution?

When the Government starts shooting.