Thursday, July 17, 2008

SAR # 8199

It wasn’t incompetence after all; they planed this!

On Being Prepared: Demitri Orlov, who lived through the Russian collapse and rebirth, suggests that most Americans cannot imagine life without money. He suggests some thought be given to this possibility. Soon.

Confusing Facts: While importing over 60% of its crude oil, the US oil industry is exporting 1.6 million barrels a day of refined petroleum products - a 30% increase from a year ago. That's twice as much as the EIA estimates could ever be pumped from ANWR. So let's start drilling so big oil can export even more.

Prior Restraint: Under a Bush proposal, a factory farm could get a permit uncer the Clean SWter Act by claiming they will not discharge animal waste into waterways. Once granted the permit the federal government could not check and see if they were violating the law. I'm going down to the police station and promising not to commit murder....

Tick Tock, Tick Tock: Delinquencies on home-equity lines of credit (HELOC) are on the rise, as are delinquent credit card accounts, as people tap any available source of funds to pay daily expenses. This is bad for the customers - what will they use to live on when the credit's gone? And it is terrible for banks - nearly 100% of HELOC defaults get written to zero.

Teeter Totter: According to the IMF if food and energy prices rise further, "some governments will be unable to feed people and at the same time maintain stability in their economy." Remember Maslov's hierarchy?

...Gone Tomorrow: Scientists have discovered that man's impact on the environment is driving endangered species to extinction 100 times faster than previously thought. Penguins and polar bears, among many others.

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Noble said...

Incompetence has turned out to be a useful disguise.