Monday, July 28, 2008

SAR #8210

If you think discussing abortion gets emotional,
try bringing up population control.

Security blanket: Stop at Gas & Go for gasoline, pay $3.85 a gallon. Run in and grab a small bottle of Aqua Natural, pay over $7 a gallon. Get back in car and curse Big Oil.

Paying The Band: It's apparent that US financial institutions will need additional infusions from non-US sources - especially Sovereign Wealth Funds. But the SWFs (and others) who rode to the rescue a few months ago have seen losses of 30% and more on their modest (under 10%) stakes. This time around they may want bigger chunks with a bigger say in the operation of the 'recapitalized' institutions. If you're gonna have the music....

Goose, Gander: While Bush & Co bail out Freddie and Fannie and Daddy Warbucks, there will be none of this pandering to the poor. They've just got to learn that in a capitalist society only the capitalists get bailed out. The GOP understands that if you start helping people pay their energy bills, the next thing you know they'll be wanting decent healthcare...

Economics Lab: Today we're going to look at the effect of declining supply, as in PMEX shipping Valero 15% less crude oil these days, and demand, as in the increased production of cars in India.

Without Comment: "If any fraction of the observed global warming can be attributed to the actions of humans, then this, by itself, constitutes clear and compelling evidence that the human population, living as we do, has exceeded the Carrying Capacity of the Earth, a situation that is clearly not sustainable. " Albert Bartlett

Rock, Hard Place: When car companies cut programs that are producing poorly performing loans and cut out leases which are being orphaned by customers, they reduce their exposure to losses on their own borrowing costs. Too bad it also means cutting back on sales, but that too will reduce losses on finance costs.

Whisper Campaign: Seems that the SEC is quietly scolding Wall Street for a laundry list of shortcomings, from inadequate monitoring of personal trading to sloppy valuations of securities. Soon they'll get out the ruler and knock some knuckles.

Essay Question: In 500 words or less, explain what has changed about the nature of capitalism that now makes an explicit government guarantee for Fannie and Freddie palatable? For extra credit, include an estimate of how much longer before the peasants revolt.

Going Rove'ing: The Ohio Attorney General has been asked to provide immunity protection to Mike Connell and his wife. Reportedly Connell, a GOP techie, as been told by Karl Rove to "'take the fall' the GOPs 2004 election fraud in Ohio, or have his wife prosecuted by the Feds for supposed violations of lobbying laws. Smoke, maybe fire.

Good News/Bad News: As the Greenland Ice Cap melts, Greenlanders look forward to newfound resources such as lead and zinc deposits and possibly as much as 30 billion barrels of oil and other undiscovered riches. It's possible they'll get rich enough to move somewhere higher before the melting raises the seas enough to drown their settlements.

Porn O'Graph: New Home non-Sales .

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