Saturday, July 19, 2008

SAR # 8201

As a species our main talents are lying and killing.
- Ilargi

Gone Fishing: Oxygen-starved dead zones have increased 30% in two years. There were 44 such areas in 1995, now there are over 400. Runoff of fertilizers, topsoil and sewage combine with global warming's warmer waters to suffocate all life in these areas. Another dead canary.

Dizzyland: Saudi Arabia is a magical kingdom; they have pumped over 46 billion barrels of oil without any decrease in their reserves and without finding any new oil. Imagine what must be going on behind the curtain.

Hip Bone's Connected To The... Fish cost more because fishing boats run on increasingly expensive diesel and the catches are dwindling due to overfishing. The captain cuts wages and tries to get the bank to refinance the boat. Oil, Food, Credit.

Grades: If the Fed's efforts in the housing and credit crisis were marked pass/fail...

Reorganization: Studies of Greenland ice cores reveal that the Northern Hemisphere's atmospheric circulation was twice 'reorganized' in one or two years, with the temperature rising over 20º F in the following 50 years. This will happen again.

Casualty: The internet is supported by advertising. In a steepening recession, at what point does the decline in the economy begin to dry up the funds that keep the internet interneting?

Impermanet Frost: The permafrost in East Siberia holds about a thousand trillion pounds of CO2 which has been frozen in the soil for over 20,000 years. Don't worry, it's only just starting to melt a bit.

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