Saturday, August 2, 2008

SAR #8215

Climate change is our greatest accomplishment;
in less than 100 years we've made the planet poisonous.

Mirabile Dictu! In a startling reversal of eight years of unconstitutional lawlessness at the White House, a Federal Judge has ruled that the President's advisers - former and current - cannot ignore Congressional subpoenas. Will wonders never cease?

Cookie Monsters: Israel is bulldozing Palestinian houses again. Explain to me again why the US treats these thugs as untouchable friends. Besides the guilt, I mean.

Mirror Image: S&P predicts a further 17% fall in British house prices, which would leave 15% of UK homeowners with negative equity in their mortgage. One report used the word 'apocalypse'.

De-Nile: Eight square miles of ice crumbled off an ice shelf in the Canadian Artic last week; more is expected to follow as summer progresses. This particular ice shelf had been stable for at least the last 3,000 years.

Beachhead: The assault on Social Security is starting up again. This time "a group of actuaries" wants the retirement age raised. Last time I looked at the topic the simple solution seemed to raise the FICA tax about 1/2% and tax all income. And to enforce honest bookkeeping, no more counting Social Security as part of the gov's income. Tax the rich? Honest bookeeping? Fund a social program? Never happen.

You Know Things Are Bad When... US Airways is charging $2 for a glass of water and $1 for coffee. The price of the key to the lav depends on urgency.

Country Hick: GM reported a $15.5 billion 2nd quarter loss, citing a 20% sales drop in North America, no demand for SUVs coming off lease contracts, and continued incompetence in the executive suites.

Social Science: Scientists have developed a simple, cost-effective process to freeze mouse sperm and later thaw it to achieve high fertilization rates. Other researchers are studying these scientists to figure out why.

Laboring: Unemployment reached 5.7% in July; fewer Americans had jobs in 2008 than in 2007, and there were fewer Americans then.

Porn O'Graph: Resume working on your resume.

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Anonymous said...

To all those in "de-nile" about man-made global climate change, take a look at your grandchildrens' faces and pray like hell that you're on the right side of the wager. If Mother Nature's tipping point comes, there will be no government bailout to save your grandchildren from a lifetime of abject misery. And all of us will be remembered fondly for our insatiable greed and egomania.