Wednesday, August 6, 2008

SAR #8219

Why do they hate us? Because we have to ask.

Seeds of Failure: The president of Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region views Baghdad's election laws a conspiracy "dangerous for the democratic and constitutional process of Iraq." His comments can be viewed as part of a democratic debate. The problem is that there is an ' autonomous Kurdish region', for therein is the problem.

Nothing to Love : For those keeping score in the international oil supply game, Russia's oil industry continues to slow, as exports have fallen 4.6% in the last year. Russia and Saudi Arabia are the two powerhouses in the oil export league.

Through A Glass, Darkly: Jeff Huber clears up the question about Bush's strategy in the Middle East: it wasn't that his strategy to defeat al Qaeda was faulty; it was non-existent. The Bush/Cheney wars in the Middle East had nothing to do with al Qaeda—or terrorism.

Bedfellow : Strange how Cuba is being transformed from horrible example to idealized model - at least when it comes to post-oil economics and solving the problem of high energy prices and severe food shortages in much of the world.

Peace Be With US: If Dick Cheney and the Israelis get their war with Iran, it will immediately reverse the downturn in the price of oil and send it over $200, resulting in an economic collapse that will make the Great Depression look like an out-of-town rehearsal. Reason enough to be reasonable.

Ignorance: Why is it that every redefinition of the role of the US military - even in a world where the US military has no significant opposition - costs ever more of our tax dollars and threatens ever more nations?

Porn O'Graph: For those that missed...

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