Sunday, August 3, 2008

SAR #8216

Our true religion: More.
Wendell Barry

Cells Blocked: The surge'n generals claim they have pacified Iraq. They have. They've put the entire country in prison cells (what else are the ethnically cleaned, walled-in Baghdad neighborhoods and the ethnically pure areas in the countryside) separated by the US Army, helped by armed thugs. This works until the guards go home and the Mahdi Army comes off vacation.

Headline Only : Five Athletes Fail Gender Test In China..

Whim: The Department of Homemade Security claims the right to seize your laptop, read and copy its contents and share the contents with private entities. It justifies doing so on the basis that it wants to and it runs secret prisons.

A Prophet in His Own Land: President Jimmy Carter, who spent four years failing to get the American Public to understand logic and reason, warned that our addiction to oil would one day threaten national security. As in so many other areas, Mr. Carter was both prescient and correct. 1

Misery's Company: According to Fitch Rating Service, more than half of UK-issued commercial mortgage backed securities are at risk of default.

Good News/Bad News: The good news is that Nancy Pelosi is trying to save the planet. The bad news is that Nancy Pelosi is trying to save the planet. 1

No Foreplay: Exactly 12,679 years ago, Western Europe underwent a drastic cooling in a single year. Rather makes one question the received wisdom that slow, relatively benign climate changes lie ahead.

Recommendation: Any review of the efforts of politicians to 'help' in the 'housing problem' that starts with the words pandering and economic illiterates, deserves close attention. Thanks, Tanta!

Porn O'Graph: The British, overdrafty !

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