Monday, August 11, 2008

SAR #8224

It was not oppression the colonies
rebelled against, it was taxes.

Reasoned Choice: Vote for Obamma; He would waste taxpayer dollars in the US while McCain would waste them on various wars.

Little David Sunshine: Merrill Lynch economist David Rosenberg says the US economy will languish until the savings rate increases to at least 8%. For those born after 1990, 'savings' consists of the accumulated surplus of income after expenditures, a theoretical construct somewhat like the square root of -1.

For His Own Good: Pakistani military leaders have suggested that President Musharraf step down soon to avoid the humiliation of impeachment. The Army, of course, has always been the basis for Musharraf's democratic leadership.

Classless Society : Explain, in 500 words or less: Why is it that when corporations and the rich exploit the masses for profit it is called 'capitalism' and when the masses object it's called 'class warfare'.

War? What War? There are two US aircraft carrier groups enroute to the Gulf to join the two already on station there. In addition a US nuclear sub, two US destroyers and a couple of Israeli naval units have recently traversed the Suez Canal headed towards the Gulf.

Old Hat: We've believed the worst about the White House's propaganda efforts preceding the Iranian Iraq invasion, that when solid evidence of their attempts to manipulate the public are finally at hand, no one seems to care.

Not Me! The Pentagon asserts that US military trainers are not involved in the conflict in Georgia. They did not address questions of planning, support, or units other than 'trainers'.

Collateral Damage: Coalition forces in Afghanistan killed 25 'militants' while causing 8 civilian deaths in "clashes and air strikes".

Land Rush: Rumor has it The NY Post reports that "a sovereign investment fund" (to be named later) has set aside $29 billion to snatch up foreclosed residential properties on the West Coast. What next, slummer homes?

Real Deal: Amateur bicyclist George Bush, after several days at the Olympics, reports that "the whole thing is genuine".

Down, Not Out : The current fall in oil prices is due to various short term factors; in the long term there is not enough oil and drilling in the Arctic, off-shore and all the National Parks won't change the physical limits. Higher petroleum prices will return, and not just to the Phillipines.

Porn O'Graph: Help, we've been Shanghi'ed .

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