Saturday, August 11, 2012

SAR #12223

The forces that brought down Greece are not unique to Greece.

Attitude: Romney's insistence on not letting the American voter know whatever it is he is hiding about his financial transactions is simple arrogance. He oversaw tax cheating for five years at Marriott International – so questioning what he did with all those personal foreign bank accounts in tax sheltering nations is reasonable. Obviously the returns contain something he doesn't want us to know. Saying it's not our business makes it our business.

Shocker! The Justice (sic) Department has decided it will not prosecute Goldman Sachs or its employees for their role in the financial crisis.

The Ins & Outs: In July, China's import and export growth slowed for a second month, raising questions about the strength of its economy. China's growth has been the result of relentless investment in expanding capacity, which has carried with it the fear of over-building and ending up with excess capacity. That seems to be happening, with their capacity utilization falling from about 80% before 2008, to near 60% in 2011, and lower than that now.

Markdown:The USDA has reduced its estimate for US 2012/13 corn stocks to 650 million bushels, down 45% since July. This is the lowest since 1995.

New & Improved: The folks who had fun with Iran via Stuxnet and Flame have cobbled together a new piece of malware, designed to steal customer information from Pay Pal and banks, specifically, Citibank.

Making A List: Things to worry about: We're running out of cheap oil and drinkable water. Global warming has moved from “the future” to now. We have polluted the land, the rivers, the oceans, the air, and ourselves – perhaps terminally. Our financial system has become malignant. Continued, endless growth in a finite, closed system cannot continue. Human population is far beyond the carrying capacity of the earth. We live in a finite world.

Expressly: Freshwater fish are going extinct in North America at a rate at least 887 times faster than the background rate over geologic time.

Here There Be Monsters Floating Islands: Before you set off to sail around the world, mark your chart – somewhere 600 miles off New Zealand is a brand new 10,000 square mile island. It could ruin your whole day.

The Parting Shot


Cantharellus ciberius. Just add butter.

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Lots of these beautiful mushrooms in the woods hereabouts. Nobody picks them 'cept me and mine. Folks too busy watching their satellite TVs, ridem lawnmowering and eating snacks from the Stupormarket among other mindless pursuits.

Free gourmet nutrition, who cares? Givem Food Stamps and stuporfood.