Tuesday, August 21, 2012

SAR #12233

It’s time for some rules on who owns our personal information. Mathbabe.

She Made Me Hit Her: Barclays CEO says that the bankers didn't want to rig the LIBO rates, but they were forced to because they couldn't charge the customers for their bank accounts. If we let them gouge us for the privilege of lending them our money essentially for free, they'll stop screwing us so openly on interest rates. Sounds like a deal.

Hope Floats: Apple has now become the most valuable (based on aggregate stock price) company ever. Put that in your iPipe and smoke it.

So It Begins: Belize, with one eye on Greece, says that its creditors can accept a 45% haircut, wait 15 years for another payment, or go without. The best part is that the government simply put a notice to that effect on its website. Watch this one – if they get away with it, Katy bar the door.

Good Question: “Who does the government intend to shoot?” asks Retired Major General Jerry Curry, pointing out that domestic government agencies have recently purchased enough hollow point ammunition to punch 5 holes in every American. How out of control does the government think we're going to get? For some scale, he notes that US forces used about 70 million rounds a year in Iraq compared to the 750 million rounds of hollow points and another 750 million 'miscellaneous' rounds that Homeland Security alone has ordered. This is serious ammunition and we must assume Homeland Security intends to use it for serious purposes here in the homeland. Against us?

How Bad? The German austerity measures in Greece have worked so well to revive the economy that 76% of Greeks wish they could emigrate. Today. To almost anywhere.

Thumb To Nose: It isn't just Standard Chartered that has been pretending not to notice the US unilateral injunction to the whole damned world not to trade with Iran nor help Iran evade the US sanctions against it for thinking it is an independent, sovereign nation. Iraq – you remember Iraq: no WMD, about 4,000 casualties, and we're not here for the oil – is helping Iran through financial shenanigans and petroleum smuggling. And India is writing insurance for tankers laden with Iranian oil. (India also is getting in bed with Russia for access to its Arctic shelf petroleum exploration.) Why don't these people behave?

Self-hoisting Petard: The new voter ID law in PA that the R's are so proud of will disenfranchise large numbers of the elderly - as many as 1 out of 3 in some counties. And elderly Pennsylvanians have traditionally voted Republican. Should'a done some homework.

Not Necessarily News: “Wall Street Sets the Rules for Regulators” and “Corporate Crime Does Pay.”

Politics Is Local: Cutting the budget is easy as long as it's a project in another state that gets cut, or a crop support for something I don't grow, or a defense program for useless and unnecessary weapons that are not built in our state. Oh, wait, defense contractors have spread out their operations so they are in everybody's state... and that's why cutting the budget is easy to talk about and hard to do. No, make that “impossible to do.” Not gonna happen.

The Parting Shot:


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I'm Not POTUS said...

Optimistic Answer:
If DHS has all the bullets then your right to bear arms is moot.

How do you have a revolution if you don't have any bullets. Guns don't kill people, bullets do.

Look forward to regulations declaring the manufacture, recycling or trade in ammunition to be a terrorist act. Enjoy the empty AK-47

Anonymous said...

i find the article by major general jerry curry highly suspect and question its accuracy and motivation

general curry is a birther who claims obama is a muslim out to destroy amrica...utter nonsense

i like some of the policies obama has pursued and decry his administrations failure to prosecute basnkstas...obama is far from perfect, but as well he is not the manchurian candidate...the right wing nuts have gone rabid and appear to want to foment violence against the govenment and that is a very bad idea

curry seems to have a very vituperous bent against obama and i would need to see substantial corroboration of his claims or insinuations that the gov is preparing to shoot americans before i would give this report any credence

let me suggest that in your coming posts you indicate just who this man is, and his agenda, so as to put these claims in perspective for those of us who frequent your excellent blog

best wishes
mock turtle

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

But then, M. Turtle, what would your function be, passive but happy reader?

I thought the 750 million times two was a suspect number, but did not see - in this particular article - anything about Obama or the Muslim Brotherhood or birthirism... just a concer as to exactly who the various Federal agencies are planning to shoot with however many rounds they've purchased.

I thought I' not's suggestion that the goal was to drain the ammo pool was plausable - but not too probable. It would be interesting to see if there's a coordinating email or memo out there directing these purchases... ckm

TulsaTime said...

Another Question; how long does it take to manufacture, transport, procure, etc.. 1.5 BILLION rounds of ammunition. No mention of caliber, so should we assume everybody has the same 9mil?

Gotta love election time, all the crazy poop comes out, like govt. sponsored murder to justify gun control. Gay Obama! Bully Biden!!!

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Okay, million, shmillion, gabillion... let's just say these folks are buying a lot of ammo, more than seems really necessary, and from that the speculation proceeds. I know I carried a weapon for a federal agency for a number of years and fired only about 25 rounds a year, all at the range. ckm

kwark said...

Re "Good Question" Just one more military-procurement hole into which HS happily pours money to keep you safe. Doesn't HS stockpile mobile homes for victims of the next Katrina? As I recall HS neglected to employ the trailers they had on-hand in the aftermath of Katrina . . . so hopefully the bullets are just for something like ballast . . . or weight to keep the trailers from blowing away.

Anonymous said...

ckm, yes i realize that in the article you linked there is no reference to birtherism


in this video of a podcast program hosted by a guy named solomon, major general ret jerry curry lends his voice in very carefully parsed and insidious terms to the belief that the president was likely not born in the us and not eligible to be president ...and that therefore another officers refusal to follow presidential orders may be permissible...the allegations, and the implications of all he says is reprehensible and unfounded

he seems to suggest the administration can be brought down by extra judicial means

the major general couches his meaning in vague terms presumably so that he can escape culpability

this claptrap is reprehensible

thank you for considering my argument

best wishes
mock turtle

heres the link for curry's comments