Monday, August 27, 2012

SAR #12239

It is reassuring to know, no matter what the looming disaster, that "They won't let it happen." Who is this 'they' and what are they waiting for?

Fork In The Road: Romney is now presenting his economic plan to make it sound as though he now supports a more gradual approach to deficit reduction, postponing government spending cuts, and giving tax cuts to everyone in the country, instead of just the rich. Has Romney changed, or just his rhetoric? No, I'm not offering odds.

Protect & Serve:While protecting the public from a mad gunman who shot one person and walked away, NYC police wounded nine bystanders.  And also hit the gunman.  Enough times to kill him. .

Next: Canadian house prices have zoomed up 100% since 2000, with the average Canadian house no priced about $350,000 – double current US pricing. The big banks are tightening their lending policies, creating a large market for sub-prime lenders to fleece those being turned away. At least the Canadian government is trying to cool things down before the buble gets out of hand. But experience suggests that bubbles gotta grow until they blow.

Down Home: How is it that during The RecoveryTM median income has fallen 7.2% and is now 8.1% less than in January of 2000?

Devil/Details: Over 10,000 rape kits have been found in a police annex building in Wayne County, MI (think Detroit). These were used kits, collected during a rape investigation but never processed. The first 400 tested have found 21 serial rapists. Protecting and serving.

Unclear On The Concept: Romney says he's going to keep his Swiss bank account because “I’m not going to try and hide who I am and try and manipulate my life to try and avoid the truth.”  Which includes hiding his tax returns.

Down And Out: Of 6.1 million workers laid off in the last 3 years, after at least 3 years on the job, only 25% found a job paying as well, 30% took a lower paying job, a quarter were still unemployed, and about 15% had left the labor force. Only 56% of those laid off from 2009 thru 2011 had found a new job – at any rate of pay.

Fortune Cookie: Facing a growing (sic) economic slowdown, the Chinese government has reassured the country that they have the ability “to respond to near term risks in an economy facing significant downward pressure, but keep the broad policy focus on longer term structural adjustments.” Some things are universal.

Definition: Paul Ryan makes his position clear, he is against all abortion because “the method of conception doesn’t change the definition of life.”

Makework: Canada's Minister for Public Safety says it is okay for the Mounties and Canada's Border Services Agency to share information gained by others (like the US) torturing people.

History Bluff: New Mexico RNC National Committeeman Pat Rogers claims that Gov. Martinez's meeting “with a group of American Indians 'dishonored’ Gen. George Armstrong Custer...” and his accomplishments among the Cheyenne on the Washita.

Protect & Serve, West Coast Edition: LAPD officers beat up and arrested a 20 year old man in front of his own home for skateboarding on the wrong side of the road. For extra credit, insert the words 'black' and 'white' in their appropriate places.

Disastrous Relief: Following Hurricane Isaac's visit to the south, I look forward to a bunch of Republican governors choosing to reject FEMA aid in favor of free-enterprise market solutions to the destruction and suffering.

The Parting Shot.




I'm Not POTUS said...

As a resident of LA, I vehemently reject your accusation of racism and bias by the LAPD.

I will have you know they also beat the snot out of the Vice President of Deutsche Bank.

The LAPD beats the shit out of everyone regardless of race color or cash basis.

Anonymous said...

RE: Protect & Serve:

Time for gun control for the Police.


mistah charley, ph.d. said...

I have decided which third party candidate will get my vote this year: Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party, formerly Mayor of Salt Lake City. Look at his bio and his positions and see if you feel like supporting him yourself.