Friday, January 10, 2014

SAR #14010

Any political system works as long as the population is silent, passive, and obedient.

Truth Or Dare: Given all we've learned about the NSA's reach, wouldn't you expect them to have been monitoring politicians 24/7/365 for years? They've pretty much admitted to doing so, and a former NSA official says that the NSA spies on (and blackmails) Supreme Court Justices, ranking military officers and high-ranking government officials and even CIA chief Petraeus. Indeed, the NSA may also be helping Israel lean on US legislators. Makes it hard to pretend our democracy is still ours. 
I Can Do It Myself: Iraq has rejected Iran’s offer to help in fighting the Saudis al-Qaeda in Anwar province.

Recovery Tracks: After five years of economic recovery, 1 in 5 US homeowners with a mortgage is still “deeply underwater” - 25% or more. My quantitative feels eased already.

The Annals of Austerity: Thanks to relentless austerity programs, Greek unemployment has risen from 7.5% in 2008 to today's record 27.8% rate, with 57.9% of those under 25 unable to find work.

Buyer Beware: The UAE discovered that two military intelligence satellites they bought from France have American technology installed that is designed to let the NSA intercept the data the satellites collect. The UAE is checking with Russia and China to see if any non-compromised satellites are available. Won't matter, the NSA will just intercept the data stream and hack it.

Day's Best Line: With unemployment claims down just a bit this week and the moving average having not moved much in the last two years, the best they could come up with was "Jobless Claims in U.S. Decrease to Lowest Level in a Month."

Quoted: “It wasn't me. I saw no evil, said no evil and don't want to hear any more about it. And I am not a bully.” Chris Christie, former GOP presidential hopeful. 
Best Intentions: Brookfield, CT is next door to Newtown. Brookfield school board member Gregory Beck, a further-to-the-right-than-the Far Right, member of the Brookfield school board wanted to hand out free ammo to honor the dead children from the Sandy Hook shooting. He still might, but not as a member of the school board, from which he has finally stepped down.

Motivation: Louie Gohmert (Typical - TX) says he became a congresscritter to prevent single mothers from getting government support for their little bastards. 
Resource Optimization: Paul LePage, GOP governor of Maine, wants children to be put to work at 12 so they economy can benefit from their efforts before they turn 18 and go off to war.
Attrition: Republicans used to set the working class against the poor in order to enrich their overlords, but these days the tactic doesn't work because the working class have become the poor.

The Sophisticates: For the fifth consecutive year, the S&P 500's gains beat the average hedge fund. And that's before the 2%/20% skim the 'experts' take.

Their Side Of The Story: A new media venture, World Post, will feature the news of the world as seen by the top 1%. One source of news for the rich, by the rich, about the rich.

Porn O'Graph: Spoils of war.

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