Thursday, January 23, 2014

SAR #14023

"The system is ungovernable... It has already largely imploded.” William K. Black

Gauntlet: The White House says that no American should wait over 30 minutes to vote – even minorities - and made a number of suggestions how this could be achieved.

Democracy In Action: In Kiev it is hard to tell where the political discussion ends and the uprising begins. The populace seems determined to oppose the leaderships embrace of Putin and the leadership is intent on showing them who's in charge. So far only 2 are dead. The US, impartial on the side of the repressive leadership's embrace (as usual,) has revoked visas for Ukrainians supposedly linked to the protests. I'm not sure who is winning, but the protesters have given the government an ultimatum
Keep The Change: In eight years, Utah has quietly reduced homelessness by 78 percent, by giving people homes. They figured out that the homeless costs the state about $16,700 a year in various services and that providing them housing and a social caseworker would cost about $5,500 less. Why didn't I think of that? What's next, jobs for the unemployed?

Logos: Glen Beck claims that scientists denying creationism are just the same as the Catholic hierarchy that denied Galileo's heliocentrism. 
First Things: Lawyers say that the DC Circuit court did us a favor by ruling that the FCC's open internet rules were illegal because now the FCC has to use a long, roundabout way under Section 706 to dismantle interference with net neutrality on a case by case basis, letting providers charge differing fees for as long as their lawyers can fight it out in court. The FCC’s open Internet rules quite sensibly prevented Internet access providers from engaging in blocking and other unreasonable discrimination. But a blanket rule would hurt lawyers' fees as the providers try to nibble away at net neutrality, and that - somehow - is supposed to be a good thing.

Protect & Service: Prosecutors have bought an Ohio State Patrol officer's explanation for how he ended up masturbating with a young boy. He was teaching him how to do it. Gave the kid two lessons. I thought it came naturally.

Opinions Vary: Most commentators say the Trans-Pacific Partnership will ruin the planet, nullify local government, create even more low-wage jobs and enrich the rich. Others think it's a bad idea.

In The Trenches: Rep Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) says all abortions should be outlawed because they rob “men of the privilege of fatherhood.” One of the Republicans wanting to become a Congresscritter from Illinois says that autism and dementia are God's punishment for our growing support for marriage equality. Tornadoes are the price of abortions. School violence is payback for stopping school prayer. Republicans are our punishment for having a democracy. 
One For Our Side: Research shows that "the elderly know more and use it better." Better make that "some of the elderly".

Porn O'Graph: Here there be dragons. 
The Parting Shot:

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