Thursday, January 9, 2014

SAR #14009

Bit by bit, we’re becoming less.

Our Hero: Leaked emails from Governor Chris Christie's office strongly suggest that the unwarranted GW Bridge lane closures were an act of political retribution against a public official who didn't kiss Christie's ring. Christies claims no knowledge and no involvement in the disciplinary action. Christie is either a) clueless, b) a politician, or c) a liar. Pick any three.

Finer Point: Inflation rates in the US and Europe are weak and far below the goals set by central banks, but reports are quick to point out that while weak, at least it's inflation, not the dreaded deflation (ignoring the dreaded hype-inflation, which doesn't get much play of late). Can someone tell me the practical difference between a 0.2% increase in GDP and a 0.1% decrease? 
A Call To Arms: To change the world, start here, start now. Change? What change should we seek? Jobs for everyone? Social security for all? Medical care for all? Power to the people? Reduce our energy use? Abandon more, more, more as the goal in life? To see the change you want to see in the world, become that change.

Training Day: The Feds are still running around setting up roadblocks and collecting blood and saliva samples from drivers who volunteer. Except no one tells them it is voluntary. If a uniformed cop waves you over, just how voluntary is it that you pull over?

Unclear on the Concept: One of those terribly clever Democrats in SC who think they've found a way to make prayer in the schools constitutional explain that their bill is constitutionally valid because even atheists would be permitted to pray. Or required. Whatever.

Wrong End: Apparently Christian Broadcasting Network's Pat Robertson can pray away viewers' toothaches. But that's not where Robertson gives me a pain.

The Parting Shot:
Google & I were not getting along this morning; maybe there'll be a picture of a sea urchin (Echinoidea sp.) later.


Rudi Mattoni said...

echinoidea is a family, not a genus (and not a genius either)

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Noted, Mr. Mattoni. Like Echinoidea, I am not a genius and I must plead a failing memory (the recent pictures were taken in 1990 with an old Sea&Sea) and a disinclination to rummage in the garage for my long Reef Creatures identification guide.

If anyone knows what I may have done to upset Blogger/Google, give me a shout.