Wednesday, November 4, 2015

SAR #15308

The Spoils: Unlike Obama, Turkey's Erdoğan has quickly moved to take advantage of having his party in complete control of the government, arresting political rivals and magazine editors who thought they lived in a democracy.
Progress? Humans have created a new top predator that is taking over the Northeast. No, not investment bankers, a dog-wolf-coyote mix.
Fill In The Blanks: The law firm of a long time aide to Governor Christie, which had donated generously to his campaign, has received lucrative contracts from the New Jersey state government.
Unreckless Endangerment: The US Supreme Court is going to determine if a man who has been convicted of beating his wife and/or children can own a gun if his violence was not “reckless” or “intentional.” Only a bunch of lawyers could possibly wonder if repeating beating the crap out of a spouse was “intentionally reckless”. What, exactly, happens to rational humans when they attend law school?
Timing Is Everything: A year ago Candidate Carson said in reference to the American people, “Many of them are stupid." Politicians are supposed to pretend they don't know this sort of thing.
Quoted: “There is no assurance that capitalist economies, when plunged into downturn, will, over any interval, revert to what had been normal.” Larry Summers, who helped kill Glass-Steagall and made all this inevitable and now claims “advanced economies are so sick we need a new way to think about them.”
It's Story Time: There is a huge complex of 260 previously unknown earthwork constructions in remote Kazakhstan, first spotted on satellite photos. They are the size of several football fields and recognizable only from the air. No one knows who built them (about 8,000 years ago), nor why.
Hell & Environs: In the next 50 to 75 years temperatures in the Persian Gulf will regularly reach 140°F (60°C) – so severe that simply being outside for a few hours will threaten human life. Similar extremes of heat and humidity will plague South-East Asia, prompting an inevitable drop in productivity in their famed sweat shops.
Preying To Play: Missouri, following the tragedies in Ferguson, now mandates that no more than 12.5% of a city's budget may come from traffic citations. In that most of the 59 individual police departments in St. Louis County got much of their operating funds by fleecing drivers, this cut in budget has meant they cannot maintain the out-size police forces they used as toll collectors. Even before these reductions St. Louis County was morally far above Western Tennessee, where police agencies are outraged that they may lose the right to “self-fund through asset seizures” from people who had committed no crime, nor even been arrested.
Data Point: One in nine black children have a parent who is, or has been, in prison. Donald Trump's dad gave him a million dollar loan to get him started in life and left him an inheritance of between $40 and $200 million (in 1974 dollars).
Porn O'Graph: Inflation, watch


McMike said...

re Hell. 140 degrees.. Nah, they'll just hook up more powerful air conditioners to larger fossil fuel driven electricity generating stations... problem solved!

McMike said...

Re Christie pay to play. Is it illegal (albeit hard to prove)? Was it ever illegal? Does that sort of thing even raise eyebrows anymore? Or do we file it under "return to the patronage system."

Is this all about the Koch Brothers et al wanting to secure cushy political appointee jobs for their shiftless grandchildren - with armies of ghost payrollees to (not) oversee, and bribes to collect from desperate constituents?

Here's a project I'd like to see: track the employment of elected officials' spouses, siblings, offspring, etc. What portion do you think are at think tanks, lobbying firms, corporate foundations, and wall street?