Tuesday, November 17, 2015

SAR #15321

Dogs bark, that's what they do.
Noted:A 242-ship Navy backed by an Air Force flying $2 billion a copy aircraft will not stop one motivated murderous fanatic from emptying the clip of an AK-47 into the windows of a crowded restaurant.”
Quietly: Imports at the three busiest US seaports fell in both September and October for the first time in a decade. Don't panic: “the recent downturn in exports might be due to the strong dollar and weakness in China. “ Might not, too. Maybe it's connected to four consecutive months of declining business activity and weakening labor market conditions.
Home Front: Children of soldiers returning from multiple deployments to combat zones suffer more abuse than their peers.
God's Odds: Bristol Palin is pregnant out of wedlock again because God “is a God of second chances and third and fourth and fifth chances.”
Self-Hoisting Petards: The Kentucky counties with the highest numbers of people on Medicaid voted overwhelmingly for governor-elect Matt Bevin, who promised during his campaign to cut Medicaid. At least he won't have to dumb down the schools.
Food For The Thoughtless: “Only five companies matter for the direction of the market: Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and General Electric.”
Smile For The Cameras: The Philippine government is rounding up homeless men,women and children and carting them off to detention centers so they will not clutter up the streets when the Important People gather for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting this week.
Profits As Policy: The US is selling $1.29 billion worth of smart bombs to Saudi Arabia, the country that bankrolled al-Qaeda and the 9/11 bombers and continues to train and fund ISIS.
Perspective: Last week terrorists killed 129 in Paris and 43 in Beirut, but the death toll of US citizens killed by police passed the 1000 mark when the cops gunned down a man in California who had a harmless replica firearm, tased a man to death in a Virginia hospital, and shot a man for refusing to let them into his NC home without a warrant.
At Last: The US has finally taken a baby step to end the flow of millions in petroleum money to ISIS with an attack by A-10 Warthogs on a column of oil tankers waiting for fuel, destroying 116 of an estimate 1,000 that haul fuel from ISIS depots. No wells were injured in the production of this empty propaganda victory.
Safe At Home: The US government claims that China copied the plans for its new fifth-generation fighter from the F-35, so it won't work either.


McMike said...

re: how not to defeat terrerrizm. This Esquire piece's knee-jerk neocon bookend was already out, like, five minutes after the news broke. The thing is such an over-the-top predictable neocon bum rush job that I thought it might be satire, but it was of-course merely more self-parody from the right.

On terror, we're all right wingers now. http://www.politico.eu/article/paris-terror-attack-war/

George Anderson said...

Perspective: No need to draw a line connecting our heroic 'defenders of freedom' (soldiers) with the horrendous bodycount being racked up here at home...by the same people. One marvels that they can distinguish which uniform they're wearing, when (and apparently a lot of 'em can't.)

But I really wanted to share is how Quietly: is the (near) end result of the global race to the bottom. 'Pauperize' your customer base, sales naturally take the hit.

No 'it' toys this X-mas...nobody can afford 'em.

How fortunate is it (for the capitalist) that their workers/enablers are 'conditioned' not to see beyond the tip of thier own noses?

One marvels how capitalism can continue to pay wages the worker can't live on, cut benefits and turn in record profits for the owners with nobody doing anything about it?

But the (socio-political) landscape has changed considerably since those 'Happy Days' when the rest of the world was a bombed out shell and workers in the only surviving nation were (by necessity) respected.

Seems we're getting a second chance to take on the 'Robber Barons'. Flip a couple of laws and all of their ill-gotten gains vanish.

But ya gotta wanna!

This is our planet, it's 'wealth' belongs to us all and not the: Thoughtless.

Tulsatime said...

FOOD for thought.... I saw that little item somewhere the other day, mentioning how narrow the front of market movers was now. How the mighty have fallen,creatures of the inter-tubes and ge. That is a pathetic remnant holding up 'the market'.