Monday, November 23, 2015

SAR #15327

Humans are really really smart, but very rarely do we just sit down and think about how the world might work and actually get it right. Noah Smith
Sturmabteilung: While The Donald repeatedly yelled "Get the hell out of here!" a group of his supporters threw a Black Live Matter protester to the ground and kicked him. Is there an echo in here? In Irving, TX armed "militiamen" marched in protest outside the local Islamic Center. The Texas Health and Human Services Commission sent letters to a number of prominent non-profit organizations telling them that if they didn't stop providing help to Syrian refugees as the Governor had decreed, they wold be"endangering the whole program that you have."
I Can't Hear You.... Once again research has shown that welfare programs do not make people lazy but rather help people who are in need. Sort of a neighborly thing to do for those who've been left out.
Take A Note: The massive electronic surveillance by NSA, GCHQ and the European Electronic snoops didn't stop the Paris attacks, even though most of the terrorists involved were well known to police and intelligence agencies. So of course we need more snooping, less privacy, because...
Fear Itself: 40% of 18 to 34 year-old Americans favor restrictions on speech that is, or might be, offensive to others. They also believe in "free speech". Southwest Airlines threw some Arabic speaking passengers off a flight because "a passenger" claimed he was scared to fly with them. Why they didn't throw him off and let the Arabic speaking Americans go on their way is a good question.
Dead & Buried: The church of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons) claim that baptism for the dead is a matter of free will and the dead can reject such baptism. How? They're as dead as Monty Python's parrot.
A Little Bit Of Sugar: Novartis Pharmaceuticals is paying $390 million "to settle charges" that it bribed pharmacies to push their customers to refill Novartis scripts. No one, of course, goes to jail.
Another Day: Turns out that the tragedies in Paris are being used to justify all sorts of police state encroachments, even though the perpetrators were not Syrian, were not refugees and did not use clever encryption in their communications. So naturally we need less secure encryption and to stop all Syrians from fleeing death and worse at the hands of Assad, ISIS, the US and Russian air forces and whatever Turkey gets up to.
Quoted: "How ironic is it that the path forward is clear? We need to establish the rule of law, founded upon equality (hasn't been done yet.) with brotherhood/sisterhood, based on equality and participation, for all. Something that won't happen as long as we allow even one to 'speak for God'." George Anderson (a SAR commenter).
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Anonymous said...

Opt out: Time to get busy with my Ouiji Board ((r)Hasbro) and have Smith and all the (ex-)Mormon elders rescind their baptisms.

Free speech: Red blooded Mericuns are for it until they have to shut up to let someone speak, or find their comment got the least number of votes in the on-line chat room.

Glass Houses: Speaking of Kristallnacht, Trump isn't the only Nazi. Quite a number of the Hill bots have been going on about Bernie Sander's wife and daughter having worked on his campaign at fair pay for fair work, insinuating that instead it is nepotism. These bots, both software and human, have done their best to have it show up on Bing and some other search engines as a top search related to Bernie Sanders.

Now however Hillary's bots are finding out that throwing stones at your neighbor's homely hovel from in front of a glass mansion isn't so wise. They forgot Hill's family lives a life of luxury (and rape that Hillary empowers by ignoring Bill's acts), all paid for by selling legislation to the highest bidder.

George Anderson said...

Thanks for frontpaging that. May not be the most popular idea but it needs to get out there (and I know I'm not the first to express such a sentiment.)

The first step in solving any problem is admitting one exists.

Tulsatime said...

The raw totalitarianism in the Trump campaign is hardly a surprise coming from him, but is revealing some really ugly aspects of the way things are today. The press giving him room to repeat that bullshit about cheering mobs as the towers fell is unbelievable. They could call it the lie that it is, but corporate has decided to let it go.

Sounds like they would not have a problem with stealing the election again if it comes to that. That is the part that gives me chills, that they will let that kind of fascism loose in the electorate, rather that take a chance on Hillary. Very. Bad. News.

Anonymous said...

How many surrender monkeys are eating cheese on Thanksgiving in all those red states.

Anonymous said...

As far as bunch of Mormon lunatics baptizing dead people goes, it's not weirder than baptizing living babies. In fact, I prefer this to brainwashing children with religious bullshit altogether. How many dead Mormons have tried to teach creationism in schools, burned Jews at the stake, or attacked Paris nightclubs in the name of God?

If only ALL religion was restricted to dead people, the world would be much better off.