Wednesday, November 11, 2015

SAR #15315

It is always important to know what happened before...
'Tis A Joy To Be Simple: Netanyahu, having approved 2,200 new settlement homes in the Occupied West Bank, has come to the White House seeking recognition of Israel's annexation of the Golan because they stole it fair and square and are never going to give it back. And they'd like the US to pony up another $2 billion a year to keep the Palestinians from living in Palestine.
Noted: The price of copper has now reached a six-year low as demand from China – the world's main buyer of industrial metals – continues to fade. Probably means something, quite possibly something not particularly good, eh?
Not As Dumb As We Look: Most Americans understand that they are in far more danger from domestic nuts with guns than they are from terrorists.
Practice Round: Russia is sending 4,000 ground troops to Syria in a bid to eliminate the Islamic State. Putin is too young to clearly remember the USSR adventure in Afghanistan, but he should have read some news stories about Mr. Bush's Iraq and the US adventure in Afghanistan.
Well, Duh: Seems that political polls that are not designed to include the lunatics do not accurately predict electoral results, and most political polls do not ferret out the flakes and nuts in true proportion nor accurately reflect their resolve. And few pollsters have formulas to predict the amount of fraud that will overlay the actual votes.
Any Port In A Storm: Portugal's ECB/IMF approved minority-led government has collapsed in the face continuing rejection of pointless austerity imposed by the President's chosen party. The President – who called the Socialilst alliance too dangerous to lead the government - will now be faced with a Socialist led leftist block with a commanding majority in the parliament that wants to begin undoing the banker-imposed austerity the country has suffered for half a decade, boosting family incomes and reversing the deep cuts previously made in government salaries. The President can bow to the will of the people, or try to put together another right-wing caretaker government and call for new elections in April. Like Greece, this is an embarrassment for the German-led bankers' cabal that currently runs Europe.
Multiple Answer Test: How many wars has the US won since 1945? a) define “won”, b) define “war”, c) none, or d) USA! USA! USA!
Down Is The New Up: In the last year oil companies have canceled 80 development projects and cut their investment budgets by $22 billion. Rather obviously, this will eventually result in a significant decrease in petroleum availability. Which, everybody hopes, will lead to being able to sell oil at a profit. One day.
There's An App For That: After a decade or two of endless wars fought by mercenaries it should come as no surprise that our displays of patriotism have also been outsourced for money.
Fight Your Own Wars: Whenever a batch of new employment or economic reports come out, I wonder what economy they are describing. It sure isn't the one in my town. Why do Our Betters not see the coming clash between China and the US, Russia and the US, damned near everybody and the US?
Street Level: The media and the masses in Egypt have fastened on the idea that the US is blaming the crash of the Russian plane on a bomb because the US wants to scare tourists away from Egypt because the US wants to destroy the country's economy because something, something, something to prevent the emergence of a strong Egypt.
Color Blind: The racial sensitivity training in Texas has been so effective that Texas DPS troopers routinely mislabel Hispanics and blacks as being white.
Classy: Journalists wanting to access the available Wi-Fi network at the Tuesday night Republican clambake were required to use the password “stophillary”.
Porn O'Graph: The great divide.


Anonymous said...

Why start at 1945? My father fought in that war. He quit the Navy and joined the Coast Guard because the fire bombings of starving, on it's knees Japan convinced him the fascist won that war. Letting the little shit keep his throne in Japan, importing Nazi war criminals to continue their research, and putting Fascist in power in Greece was just icing on the cake for him.

I myself think we lost WWI too. We sent our men to die to preserve the brutal empires of the UK, France & Belgium against the Hun's desires to take over brutalizing Africa and Asia. Barry (either the dim and unwitting or just plain sleazy) three years earlier lauded the role in WWI of the same deceased Belgium King who had Barry's grandfather tortured, including cutting of of his hands.

George Anderson said...

I find it more disturbing that today, Armistice Day, (A day originally set aside to celebrate peace after 'the war to end all wars) has been suborned by the flag waving right into Veterans Day. A day to 'celebrate' (read grovel before in faux admiration) of those who serve our imperialist overlords in the defense of unbridled capitalism (masquerading as 'democracy')

To expand a bit on the point made by Anon @ 8:59, the 'meat puppet' in chief isn't a Democrat any more than his competitor Hillary is or her Husband was. Which is to opine that 'true' (defenders of the working class) Democrats no longer exist in this post Reagan Revolution world. (Our equivalent of Stalin's takeover of the soviet revolution.)

Few remember that this nation was founded on the concept of not getting involved in foreign wars of conquest...and it seems none of our legislators want to appear 'weak'.

Well, the die is cast and Western civilization is headed for the cliff.

Do we cheer as it plunges to its inevitable destruction of should we tremble because the ones responsible for this mess stand behind our 'ignorant' huddled masses...laughing as they fall?

United they stand, divided we fall.

mistah charley, ph.d. said...

I take this occasion to once again advocate for a full cycle of seasonal Holidays for War.

This is our Fall Holiday for War. The Summer Holiday is July 4; the Spring Holiday is Memorial Day.

We need to close the circle by rebranding Feb. 14 - My Soldier Valentine's Day - there's enough love, longing, and loss in that holiday to fuel as much commercial and entertainment activity as you could want.