Tuesday, April 26, 2016

SAR #16117

One Liners
Plan B: Saudi Arabia says it will diversify its economy away from dependence on petroleum. There must be more profit in exporting jihad terrorism than anyone suspected.
Privilege: Great Britain has ruled that Members of Parliament do not have to release their tax returns and are not subject to anti-money laundering laws, because the Prime Minister...
Punishment: Missouri is spending millions to keep Planned Parenthood from receiving federal funding for fear that someone, somewhere, might get an abortion. Someone poor.
Compassion: David Cameron's conservatives have refused to accept 3,000 unaccompanied refugee children stranded in camps in Europe into the country. But they will continue to ship arms to Saudi Arabia, which has earned them £2.8billion since the destruction of Yemen began.
Better Than The F-35: According to the Marines, 70% of their F/A-18 jets can't fly.
Fair And Balanced: On 9/11 Saudi terrorists killed 3,000 Americans. Since then the US has killed over 1.3 million civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Credit Where Credit Is Due: Nebraska has abolished civil forfeiture, the appalling process that lets the cops steal your money, house and car for no reason whatsoever. Good on them.
Auction: Charles Koch says that Trump and Cruz are terrible role models and he will not support their run for the presidency. Plus he doesn't own them. He notes that Hillary, based on her long-standing relationship with Wall Street, would be a better president because she stays bought.
The Line Forms On The Right: A Federal judge has ruled that former detainees tortured by the CIA can sue the government.
Pyrrhic Victory: Belatedly, the US has become the 175th nation to sign the totally worthless Paris climate agreement.
Unclear On The Concept: Donald Trump Jr. complains that Ted Cruz is bribing delegates to win the nomination. How did he think it was done?
A Parting Shot:


Anonymous said...

So happy you are back. Hope your wife feels similarly.

Anonymous said...

Virtuous Cycle: Money to maintain the F/A-18 was re-directed to flying piece of crap F-35, thus insuring no way to back out/bridge over a failing project.

Pyrolitic Victory: Burn, baby, burn. Last Friday one of the smarmy fellows who robbed Solara and now make his living telling everyone how the future's getting better with solar was cheering a treaty signed between the US and China where all the research/patents on "clean" energy get shared. This sounds good until one realizes that (a) Obama considered fracking, off-shore/arctic drilling as clean energy, (b) China produces very little original research, and what it does publish is later found to be based on falsified data, (c) the CCP isn't going to share anything, it just takes. So, who's the real beneficiary of this "patent sharing agreement?" Not the US tax payer, but rather the corporations that want to off-shore every possible job they can.