Friday, April 8, 2016

SAR #16099

Resistance is fertile.
Getting Out Of The Vote: Campaigning for his wife in Philadelphia, Bill Clinton says Black Lives Matter activists are defending murderers . He also defended Mrs Clinton's use of the word “super predators” to describe black youth. This was all part of his attempt to explain that his signing the draconian mandatory sentencing bill that has decimated black youth was a necessary compromise with the Republicans, the same sort of necessary compromise Hillary says will be needed to further gut welfare and whittle away at Social Security. No wonder that a McClatchy-Marist poll shows Sanders edging Clinton nationally, 49% to 47%. She has been wrong on the Iraq invasion, the financial crisis, free trade, mass incarceration, domestic surveillance, police brutality, debt and income inequality, among others. That's also why 25% of Sanders voters will not back Clinton if she's the nominee.
Free College Now: The US Department of Education reports that more than 40% of Americans who borrowed money from the government to go to college are not paying or are behind on repaying the $200 billion they owe. This is not quite what Sanders has in mind when he advocates tuition-free public colleges.
Fear And Loathing: The elite in Washington and on Wall Street are deeply worried that Trump's rejection of America's ubiquitous and continuous foreign military interventions and his openly dismissing the claimed recovery will embolden the proletariat to demand better.
Roll Model: When the Catholic Dioceses of St. Louis wanted to illustrate the power and scope of Catholic leadership in the area, one of the twelve men they chose to feature was former Bishop Robert Flynn who was convicted in connection with sex abuse in the church.
Castor Oil: Economists (and oligarchs and CEOs and politicians) keep justifying “free trade” agreements by pointing out that these treaties have resulted in “huge improvements in living standards among the poor in the developing world.” Maybe so, but decades of stagnating wages and vanishing jobs may have boosted corporate profits, but they haven't put food on the table in Detroit. Time to stop the nonsense and find a way to encourage others without harming our own.
Short Form: One of the most convincing arguments if favor of higher estate taxes is Donald Trump.
A Parting Shot:


Anonymous said...

Okay, so you are a bit of an addiction.

McMike said...

re: Clinton-Sanders. I propose we start the Sanders-voters-cost-Clinton-the election-argument now, and get it out of the way. It's sort of like the "spoilers" complaint in sports, whereby a team that is not going to make the playoffs is supposed to somehow play less-hard (or maybe just forfeit), and thus let their betters move on to the post-season unimpeded by actually having to earn it all the way to the end.

re roll model. Makes sense: Bishop Flynn has had a significant impact on so many lives.

re castor oil: "Maybe so"? Hmm. I am not sure the teeming masses in Chinese instant-cities and devastated rural farmers in Central American nations would agree.

McMike said...

PS. Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your hiatus! ;)

AlanSmithee said...

Nice to have you back!

I don't think anyone is really worried about Sandernistas not voting for Empress Hillary, fauxgressive media sites not-with-standing. Her team certainly hasn't gone out of it's way to court them. Why should they? These are pretty much the same demographic that voted for Obama (sometimes twice!) and have no record of voting outside their party.

Classof65 said...

I'm so afraid of a President Trump or Cruz that I must vote for Hillary if Bernie doesn't get the nomination, even though she doesn't represent what we need and want...

Bernard Eckholdt said...

i'd vote for Trump over Clinton, any day, hurry Armageddon if that's what Trump. No, second thought, Clinton will make Armageddon come quicker. still i could never vote for Clinton,

it just amazes me that White people have been voting Republican and Blue Dogs all this time. so i guess reaping the whirlwind isn't too much of a surprise.

Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying your site for years. Some get it...most don't. Thought I would share my Facebook post for today. Unrelated to anything but thought you might appreciate it.
Do you remember the exact moment when you realized that we’re not going to change our ways and the human race is doomed? Me neither. I expect my suspicions were seeded when I witnessed first hand the massive chaos and devastation we were capable of in the late 60’s. If only at a subconscious level…deep down I knew something was very, very wrong. That same chaos is still alive and well in much of the world today. We’re just numb to it now. Guess you have to be there to understand. Maybe it started coming to me as a geography student in the early 70’s, you know, “Silent Spring” and all that. Certainly it was starting to become obvious by then even if one refused to accept it. It could have been when I saw for the first time those pictures from space with all the lights. Or maybe it was in the 80’s when the Media was giving equal time to the 1% of climate scientists hired by big oil to propagate denial. Clearly the scientific debate was already over but it would rage on for decades due to a lack of critical thinking. Meanwhile, even if you understood you were in denial yourself, holding out for hope that somehow we would come to our senses. I’m not exactly sure when I lost that. Could it have been when we elected all the obstructionist politicians? I guess life just gets in the way of uncomfortable news. I’m old. I expect it will take a while and I won’t see the worst of it…not the Mad Max part anyway. It’s all so depressing. Never mind. Shames on me for talking like that. Forget you read this. I have to go clean up some dog poop. Party on. :)

Anonymous said...

Here’s the comment from my Facebook post and my reply. Won’t bother you with this stuff anymore.

Comment… I was thinking the other day how it is getting harder to remain an optimist in the face of all this, particularly climate change because it will undoubtedly stress social and economic systems as it causes more ecological changes. Yet I am hanging on to that last thread of optimism.

My reply… Change will force us into do what you can...our culture doesn't leave us many good options and we're not capitalizing on the ones we have...yet?

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

General Plea: I can understand being 'Anonymous', but when you post a comment why not 'sign' it with a nickname or something, so a reply to an 'anony' can be directed to a particular 'anony'.

Just a suggestion - ckm