Thursday, April 7, 2016

SAR #16098

Confidence often bears little relationship to competence.
An Example: The Treasury has new rules aimed at curbing the rush of US companies to merge with strawish foreign dogs and then pretend that the merged company, conveniently out of the IRS' reach, is now in Can't-Touch-Me land. They went into effect on April 4th and have already put a stop to the Pfizer/Allegan $160 billion deal. That Obama would take on what would have been the world's largest pharmaceutical company over something as trivial as paying US taxes makes one wonder what is really going on and if the Republican Congress will let this assault on profits continue.
Quite So Story:American People To Blame For Current State Of Politics...” True. Just as it was a mistake to turn the running of companies over to the self-interest of CEOs, letting our hired hands in Washington and the statehouses and all those city halls have their own way, unsupervised for so long, has gelded us.
Yes, Mother: Hillary says she has “had enough” of Bernie Sanders impertinence and he'd better toe the line from now on or she'll send him to bed without any supper. If she can't stand a little gentle poking from Bernie, wait 'til she has to face Trump's assaults on a daily basis.
Ins And Outs: Renewable energies – mainly wind and solar – are eclipsing traditional fossil fuels in the hearts of investors. In 2015, renewables garnered some $250 billion in new investment, double the $125 fossil fuels garnered. Even Scotland, which plans to finance independence with North Sea oil, got 57.7% of its domestic energy consumption from renewables last year. Maybe the danger is not peak oil but peak oil investment. Might think about this as you set up the kid's college fund.
The New South: Maine has joined the slave states and is putting a 'Christian' initiative on the ballot this fall which would strip gay rights from Maine's Human Rights Act. Like North Carolina's it would strip “sexual orientation” of legal protection from discrimination – but doesn't specify which sexual orientation, so refusing to rent to a married heterosexual couple would be just fine. These people never think things through, fortunately.
Trade Is Good For Something-or-other: Ford is planning to open $1.6 billion small car plant in Mexico and transfer much of its US small-car production there while creating (or transferring) 2,800 jobs.
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Anonymous said...

I had not come back to look since the announcement, because I was too sad and did not want to clik. So tickled that you will continue. thank you.
Pace yourself. No demands...but thanks.

Anonymous said...

Just checking and there you are. I promise I won't take you for granted.

Demetrius said...

OK after letting you back in the bar has thrown you out again, it happens. However, warming up might well cause the Atlantic Conveyor to flip, in which case we are not toast but popsickles.

Tina E. said...

so happy you are back. It really is hard to leave -- isn't it? As others have said - no demands, post when the mood hits you, but please don't leave.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's good to take an extended break - not retirement.

Perhaps a 1 or 2 month break.

But, good to see you back.

mistah charley, ph.d. said...

billmon explains why bernie's description of hillary as "not qualified" is so offensive to those at the levers of power

Anonymous said...

Thank you sir, for continuing your efforts! You are much appreciated.