Monday, April 25, 2016

SAR #16116

The scandal is what the law allows...”
Being fresh back from captivity among the civilized, my loathing for any number of our leaders seems fresh and surprising. But after a few days I will revert to being, like you, resigned to the way the world.
But before that sets in, where to start?
On the world stage full of purported leaders who are dangerous fools, Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has a special place. He charged the EU several billion dollars to let the EU force hundreds of thousands of terrified refugees into concentration camps in Anatolia, then upped the ante and said there would be no deal unless Turks were allowed visa-free travel throughout the EU. He also wants journalists who “disrespect him” jailed, and comedians who make fun of him extradited to Ankara for appropriate punishment - a condition that Angela Merkel found reasonable. Meanwhile his troops are gunning down women and children (suspected of being Kurds) fleeing Syria as Erdoğan pursues his genocidal war against the Kurds while trying to pretend that the slaughter of half a million or more Armenians a hundred years ago never happened. All while US President Obama – who has committed a few war crimes himself – pretends that the Armenians committed suicide...
Amusingly, the US now claims that it had understated the number of collaterally damaged dead civilians in US air strikes in Iraq and Syria, and that there had actually been 42. This does not, obviously, include the hundreds of thousands of collaterally dead and wounded civilians previously inflicted on innocents in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya...
The circus over the – gasp! - Saudi involvement in, planning of and financing of both Ossma Ben Laden and the 9/11 attackers is hard to understand. (That some of the 9/11 hijackers lived with an FBI informant prior to the attack is not being much mentioned.)It has been obvious to all since the day of the attacks the the Saudis were deeply involved. That's what is in the 28 pages totally removed from the 9/11 report. Ask any of the members of the commission who produced it. On top of that there is not the “Document 17” which includes documentary evidence of the direct involvement of the Saudi Embassy in Washington DC in the tragedy. And Seymour Hersh's report that the Saudi government paid Pakistan hundreds of millions of dollars to hide Ben Laden seems to be another solid piece of reporting that will be ignored.
Why does the US continue to submit meekly to the Saudis? It is not the oil – we seem to have plenty. It is not their usefulness as an ally, they are scorpions in the bed. What to the Saudis have? Money. And a lot of blackmail material in the form of past dirty deeds and in the form of $800 billion in treasury notes that they threaten to sell if Obama doesn't behave.
Echo Chamber: Police in Brazil have “swept away” Brazil's street children as they pretty up the place for the Olympics. “Swept away” - a rather prettily vague term, not nearly as descriptive as the mass killings of “vagrants” by South Korean authorities before the 1988 Olympics.
Bad Idea: The Native American Council has offered amnesty to 220 million undocumented whites currently occupying their country.


George Anderson said...

Welcome back, hope your worm-drowning expedition was successful! Like the new format although (and maybe it's me) it looks more difficult than placing the link in the 'headline'.

Same as it ever was, but it's just the tonic I need to start my week!

Thanks for this!

Jesse said...

Thank you very much.

I hope you do not mind but I featured this under the title 'The Arsenal of Hypocrisy'