Saturday, June 20, 2009

SAAR #9171/Weekender

All facts are relative.

The Joke's on Us : Obama's Justice Department want a judge to stop Stewart, Colbert, and the rest to stop making fun of Darth - for fear that "future presidents and vice presidents may not cooperate with criminal investigations if they know what they say could become available to their political opponents and late-night comics."

The Shipping News: You know the old saying, if FedEx is losing money, the economy is in bad shape. Don't look now, but...

One Strike Rule: The US Supreme Court ruled that you have a right to a trial, fair or otherwise. But don't expect to be sprung just because DNA testing proves you didn't do it. You have a right to a trial, but not to a second chance.

Good News / Bad News: The CIA will soon release a comprehensive report on its use of secret prisons and torture. Most of it will be redacted.

Misleading Headline: The headline reads: ' Dems could lose healthcare fight.' Absolutely not true. The Dems, both House and Senate will make out like bandits; it's the American citizen who is going to lose. Reform attempts will fail, dollars to docility.

Close, but... : Senator Burris (D-Ill) will not be charged with perjury even though he lied - it was a lie of omission and that doesn't count.

Attention Spam: Investing really is simple. Listen to the talking heads on CNBC, ignore the fundamentals like earnings and profits, and buy whatever everyone else is. Just make sure you're the first one out, before the fools get stuck. Psst: Green energy. A sure thing.

Indirection: Some fear the government will cap executive pay. It says it will not - but it wants to...

Suddenly: Some 200 million-year-old Fossils have revealed that a small rise in atmospheric CO2 lead to a sudden collapse in the web of life some 200 million years ago. It seems the increase in atmospheric CO2 needed to drive the ecosystem beyond its tipping point is smaller than previously thought. Today, the level of CO2 has reached a 2 million-year high.

Kudos: To Martin Weiss for his explication of the continuing credit collapse in the US, credit where credit is due.

Revenge: The very skinny are the first to go, then the obese, followed by those of ideal weight. The chubby live on and on. At least in Japan.

Asked and Answered: "Is Advertising a Sham?" No, but free will is over-rated.

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tulsatime said...

It's all so uplifting today, I hardly know where to begin. Personally, I think it is just amazing that the debt collapse will outrace the money creation machine no matter how hard they try. They need to just give up on the banks and start mailing out the checks to everybody. If they had done that from the start we would have a damn recovery by now.