Monday, June 8, 2009

SAR #9159

Go to Wal-Mart and look around; feel inspired?

Statistical Lies: Approximately 26,000,000 Americans are unemployed or underemployed (U6=16.8%). There's job growth at the $10 an hour end of the pay spectrum, job losses at the $20 an hour end. Wal-Mart's hiring, GM's closing. I'm sure economists can explain how this is good for the economy.

Choke Point: The massive government spending to stem the credit crisis and The Fed's $1.2 trillion plan to push down mortgage rates are driving up mortgage rates.

Call Me In The Morning : "Obama Seeks Tax on Wealthy to Fund Health Overhaul..."

Slashers Are Us: About 25% of houses for sale in the US have had at least one price reduction. Make me an offer.

More, Kind Sir, More: Some are advocating for a Stimulus II of $500 billion or more. Yet the first $787 billion is still working its way through the pipeline. So far only $50 billion - less than 10% - has made it through the pipeline and been spent. It's not the projects that were shovel ready, but the rhetoric.

Travails in America: One in every $6 in America's paychecks comes from the government. One in 9 Americans uses food stamps.

Asked & Answered: "Why Does the Much-Touted Climate Bill Look Like It Was Stolen From the Republican Playbook?" Because it was. Democrats may outnumber Republicans, but lobbyists outnumber both.

Another Letter: Alabama's Supreme Court wrote Birmingham (Jefferson County) a letter telling it that 35% of its planned income isn't going to come in. The county is planing to stop road maintenance, end service for the elderly and close the courthouse. Should have closed the courthouse first.

Goldfinger: The DEA says at least 30% of US cocaine is smuggled by submarines. Good thing the Soviets didn't this figure out.

Sub-prime II: Turns out that Latvia is the sub-prime of Eastern Europe. Don't worry, it's contained.
Porn O'Graph: Building Equity through Real Estate.


fajensen said...

I'm sure economists can explain how this is good for the economy.

That one is Easy: Grinding wages into the dust is good for making the "Low Inflation" Key Performance Indicator go Green. Economists scores an "atta-boy" andInstant promotion to job with the World Bank.

Latvia should grow some balls and default on the foreign debt - before the inevitable devaluation;

Just a devaluation will "murder" lots of (stupid, mind) common folks who took out mortgages in EUR because of the lower rates. The choice is between "burn the foreigners" or "burn your own" - devaluation without default will achieve both!

tulsatime said...

SLASHERS: There are more and more threads available about the mf'in HUGE lump of foreclosed yet unlisted houses that are lurking out 'there'. I've seen WAGs of 2.5 years of unsold inventory, that was at Exile'd.

You know, each week seems like we can't get much closer to spontaneous combustion without seeing the black clouds. The election results in europa are way too 30's for my taste