Monday, June 29, 2009

SAR #9181

What is best for you is probably not what is best for the world.

Strategy: One out of four foreclosures is due to people who could affort to continue making payments simply deciding that it no longer makes sense to keep paying on an underwater mortgage. The gullibility of the rest is all that is propping up the economy.

Hogwash: The new US overlord in Afghanistan has told the military to "protect civilians rather than killing insurgents." Previously they had been told to "minimize the need to resort to deadly force." Rather like telling a bunch of carpenters not to use their hammers.

Ground Zero: Danish health officials have identified the first known swine flu case resistent to Tamiflu, which the WHO considers to be the best treatment for H1Ni infections.

Treason: Politicians who deny global climate change and actively try to prevent Congress from adressing theissue are betraying humanity. Dooming civilization because of irrational political dogma or to suck up to money-dispensing industrialists is a crime against the future.

Getting Hyper: In Ireland, retail prices are falling at nearly 5% a year. That's not inflation - itis serious deflation. But it won't happen here, they say.

Revisionism: The Right claims the energy bill is a recipe for poverty and economic chaos, calling it the same sort of policy that raised California's energy prices. Trouble is, it was good Republican Kenny-Boy Lay who manipulated the energy markets and bankrupted PG&E. There wasn't a windmill in sight.

Very Strange: In the Old West, some folks - ancestors of today's investment bankers- assigned ownership rights to rainfall. The rain that fellon your roof belonged to someone else. You couldn't touch it. The rain that fell on the grass was okay, but you couldn't set a pail out there. That law, at least in Colorado, has finally been washed away.

Wrong Question: "Is Smart Money Betting on Inflation?" What smart money?

Sausage: Of course trading carbon credits is a scam - it passed political muster didn't it? Of course some will get rich from the system - it passed political muster, didn't it? Of course it will do no good - etc. The way to stop putting carbon in the air is to stop putting carbon in the air. Cap and trade is about making money, not about your grandchildren's lives.

Checkmate: One out of four homeowners is smart enough to walk away once he owes more on the house than its worth. The other 75% are what's keeping this enterprise running.

All in the Family: GE, which used to make things and dump PCBs into the Hudson, became a bank holding company by buying two tiny Utah banks and rolling that into being the largest pig at the TGLP trough - one of Treasury's give-aways. "We were accepted on the merits of our application," GE claims. Better living through tax monies.

Porn O'Graph: The new is getting older.


jfwells said...

I am a little confused - the date says Monday June 29, but the contents are clearly new as of today June 30. Also the index number - 9181 indicates that it is the second day after the last "Weekender", so it should definitely be Tuesday. This would indicate that it is only the date that is incorrect. Am I missing something here?

Was briefly confused when the side-bar came up on the left instead of the right this morning...

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

jfwells - The date is incorrect. SAR is as correct as it ever is. The format etc. sucks. I cannot get my formatted text (Open Office) to print right posing via IE. Via Firefox the text posts well of Firfox readers, usually for IE users and sometimes for Safari folks.

I've reverted temporarily to using blogger's built in facility, but have trouble making it look decent.

There's obviously some little twich wrong with one of my programs - but I got tired of fiddling and will use the basic caveman approach for a while.

Anonymous said...

Deflation is the best way to stop putting carbon in the air

If the fed raised rates to 10% we could halve CO2 emmision with a few years

fajensen said...

Deflation is the best way to stop putting carbon in the air

You are right, but that is not the game. The game is to get all those resources extracted, turned into junk, which is then sold and used as landfill as quickly as possible.

Especially before The Competition in the form of Asians, Chinese and Africans can get their grubby mitts on them.

Deflation would make resources more affordable and that would give those people ideas beyond their station in life. Can't have the wogs run off on their own now, can we?

China, however has smelled the rat:

China has imposed export restrictions on a range of raw materials, thereby keeping the value addition inside China, while silently converting USD into land, mining assets and influence.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Fajensen - When you're right, you're right and this time, you're right. But I, too, caught on - read the screeds up to 9183 & note my attention to the Chinese menace...