Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SAR #13043

Worrying does not, by itself, change anything.

Socialized Medicine: The Affordable Care Act’s closing of the prescription “donut hole” has saved over 6 million of America’s disabled and elderly at least $5.7 billion on prescription drugs so far. Ask them about the horror of Obamacare.

Meth Lab: There are dramatic increases in methane levels in the Arctic and there is no indication that this increase will slow . The highest concentrations are over areas now devoid of sea ice – and Arctic sea ice is declining at an exponential rate. The heat brought into the Arctic by branches of the Gulf Stream is clearly destabilizing methane hydrates on and under the seabed, increasing the danger that rapidly rising Arctic temperatures may lead to the abrupt release of large amounts of methane. Very bad things would quickly follow.

The Law: "In times of war, the law is not silent. War is not a moral wilderness... Throughout history, there have been codes that even the hell of war could not override." Someone should tell Obama. Targeted killing is a tantrum thrown by a greatly frustrated global military power that is helpless in the face of “asymmetrical” war. Congress and the public have given two presidents a free hand to prosecute a 'war on terrorism' as they see fit. In truth, we don't want to know about the renditions, torture and extra-judicial executions that are being done in our name.

Easy To Say: “Suppose, just for entertainment purposes, that we wanted to have a sane, rational, and even informative discussion about what to do about our public deficits and debt...

Fueling Unrest: Greece raised the tax on heating-oil by 40% in order to raise money to send to Frau Merkel. After EU/ECP/IMF-directed wage and pension cuts, many Greeks don't have enough money to buy the stuff, so consumption is down 70% from last year. To the common plea, “Why us?” the bankers answer, “Why not?”

Lowest Common Denominator: It is not the administration's kill list that is the moral failing, it's our enthusiastic support for the entire 'war on terror' that will condemn us.

Over There: Much to the displeasure of Google, Facebook, Homeland Security and NSA, the European Union has proposed a data protection and privacy law that would ensure rights that are “clearly enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights.” Don't get excited, those are 'fundamental' only in Europe.

Contributions: The Archdiocese of Los Angeles stole over $110 million from the cemetery maintenance fund to help pay a $660 million judgment won by 562 victims of priestly pedophilia.

Two Countries: Most of the United States has an institutional memory of military successes, of a nation of immigrants, a vibrant melting-pot forging a shared identity. And then there is the South; defeated in the Civil War and Reconstruction and by Civil Rights and Equal Rights and feminism. And it was never a melting pot... it was white and highly class conscious and it still views itself that way, as the inheritors of 'real America' by which they mean old-stock British values and evangelical Protestantism. Southerners are sour and suspicious and understandably hostile after having lost every important military, political and social skirmish for two hundred years.

Porn O'Graph: Yes, Government spending is the problem - the lack thereof.

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TulsaTime said...

Climate Change, The Debt Bubble, Over Population, Pollution, Poverty, War; no sane discussions because it might be bad for business to admit we need to have a discussion. And we can't do anything that might be bad for business, because business.

At least we have the interwebs, so we can talk about them not talking about it.