Friday, February 15, 2013

SAR #13046

What used to be sexual assault is now called pre-boarding. Col. Morris Davis

Reality Therapy: The eurozone's economic output fell 0.9%, even powerhouse (sic) Germany contracted 0.6%. Greece, Portugal and Spain were awful. (Greece's unemployment is at 30% & bets are again being placed on its exit from the euro later this year, Spain's inflation rate was over 2.2% in January and its retail sales fell over 10% in December y/y..) Even Japan joined in with a 0.1% drop in GDP. Another round of austerity is the oblivious solution.

Big, Bigger, Biggest: In the race to the top, too big to fail has been topped by RBS, which is "too big to prosecute." When was the last time a regulator or the Justice Department took a big bank to trial? Or found an actual person in charge of a big bank criminally responsible for his criminal behavior?

The Wages of Sin: Here's a plot spoiler: In the name of prudent stewardship and ideological purity, Republicans plan to flush six or seven state's economies “down the toilet”.

Assigned Reading: “The power of government to imprison and to murder its citizens without due process of law is the certain mark of dictatorship. ... Dictatorship is government unconstrained by law.”

Diplomacy: A senior commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards was killed Tuesday – apparently in Syria and apparently by 'Zionists'. At least it wasn't a drone strike. Was it?

Leadership: Virginia's governor has ordered all hourly state employees' work-week cut to 29 or fewer hours to avoid providing them with health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. The governor is a Republican, of course.

Tantrum: The non-stop Republican obstructionist bullshit over the President's choices for leadership positions is unprecedented and unprincipled and inexplicable. They resemble nothing more than a lynch mob. And these people want respect?

Porn O'Graph: Flatlined

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Anonymous said...

"Dictatorship is government unconstrained by law.”

If the DO NOT FLY LIST is any indication, Obummah will have a full time job managing the KILL LIST. So that means, some unnamed Flunky will be delegated that task. Or maybe Obummah could let his kids pick a KILL once in a while. Over dinner perhaps. Another useful learning experience. Or maybe he could set up a new Executive Office: KEEPER OF THE KILL. (Apologies to Queen of Disintegrating Britain.)

mistah charley, ph.d. said...

the difference between a criminal gang and a legitimate government, never quite as large as we were taught in grade school, has unfortunately, been shrinking even more

as we said back in my salad days, the sixties, 'your local police are armed and dangerous' - and of course that applies to higher levels of the conspiracy as well - as phil ochs sang, speaking of the u.s. of a., 'we're the cops of the world'

there is such a thing as destiny - but we should continue with our own plans, and if they should happen to be in accordance with destiny, we may reap a rich reward