Monday, February 25, 2013

SAR #13056

... and they lived happily ever after.

Echoes: Afghan President (and no-longer-American-lap-dog) Hamid Karzai has ordered all US special forces out of Wardak Province (near Kabul) for training and directing Afghan troops and irregular forces in the torture and assassination of suspected terrorists. Some reports say US special forces have also been ordered out of Logar Province. On Sunday a series of coordinated attacks in Kabul and outlying areas targeted Afghanistan's intelligence agency and other security forces. Anybody know how to sound retreat?

Press Gang: Former Obama White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said he was specifically told, as a condition of employment, that he was never ever to acknowledge the administration’s drone/assassination program. Obama continues to refuse to release the purported legal basis for letting him kill anyone, anywhere, without due process of law or oversight.

Ignorance Is Bliss: Senator Tom Coburn (R-jOK) says the Republicans don't want the government to be able to figure out who slaughtered the next bunch of kindergartners: "there absolutely will not be record-keeping on legitimate law-abiding gun owners in this country.”

Qualifications: Cardinal Keith O'Brein, leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland and Britain's most senior cleric has resigned after being accused of committing “inappropriate acts” over the last 33 years, following late night drinking sessions and by using night prayers as a cover for his “inappropriate contact” according to four priests. Last year's 'bigot of the year' won't be attending the conclave of cardinals to elect a new pope. Pity.

Some Are Less Equal Than Others: House Republicans insist that Native American women, LGBT women, and undocumented immigrant females have no need, or right, for protection from domestic abuse or rape under the Violence Against Women Act, calling such protection “unconstitutional.” Note that 65% of rapes on Indian reservations, which fall under Justice Department purview, are never prosecuted.

Logical Conclusion: A legislator in Montana has introduced a bill giving corporations the right to vote. Seems to follow Supreme Court rulings.

All Things Being Equal: Cardinal Roger Mahony says that covering up for pedophilic priests has given him an opportunity to undergo spiritual growth, “[T]his scandal is putting us, the clergy and the church, where we belong--with the excluded ones; Jesus was painted with the same brush as the two thieves…” Yes, but not with the same brush as pedophiles.

Fill In The Blank: Iran's Revolutionary Guards claim to have taken “control of an ________ drone's navigation system and brought it down”.

Asked & Answered: “What if the 9/11 Commission consisted of experts instead of politicians with their fingers in the wind, and what if the commissioners had too much integrity to write a report dictated by the executive branch? Americans might still be a free people. “

Marea Ciudadana: Tens of thousands of Spaniards took part in demonstrations in Madrid, Valencia, Seville and scores of other towns across the country on Saturday, protesting the hardships caused by austerity, the enormous unemployment rate, and the corruption that is endemic among their national politicians. They'd best get it out of their system because things are going downhill from here – downhill being more austerity, more layoffs, and more budget cuts. And more demonstrations.

Porn O'Graph: The essence: higher highs and higher lows.

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Matte Gray said...

His Former Grace Roger Mahoney calls himself a scapegoat, forgetting that scapegoats are _innocent_.rmerges

kwark said...

RE "Ignorance is Bliss" If you've purchased a gun/ammo with a credit card or simply cruised the gun supply sites on the internet then big business knows. Which means the government knows too. Anyone who's paying attention would know Tom Coburn's remarks are pure pandering. 'Course, as usual, he's counting on no one actually thinking about what he's saying.