Wednesday, December 3, 2014

SAR #14337

Trailer For Sale or Rent: If a foreigner, say a rich Chinese, invests $500,000 in a US project, say building an interchange on the I-95 in PA, they can go to the head of the line for an immigration visa. About 400 wealthy Chinese have already signed up, getting a 2% return and a visa. Heck of a deal. Funny though, Uncle Sam can borrow five year money at 1.56% without the visa boondoggle...

Just Saying No: The Swiss have rejected the far right proposals to repatriate Swiss gold and to shut down their borders to immigration. It's good to see at least one European fascistic party lose.

Trial And Heirs: For over 30 years the Republicans have fervently believed that cutting taxes created jobs and increased tax revenue (mainly though the economic/market process known as 'magic'). To prove this, they've been running a full-out experiment on the entire state of Kansas for a couple of years and the results are in: It doesn't work. California, on the other hand, raised taxes and guess what – taxes and employment are up. Can you say Benghazi?

Present And Unaccounted For: Why is one out of three children in the 71 largest US cities living in poverty?

Progress, Progressively: The idea that blacks in this country have “made progress” is asinine. Sure, Barak is black, but he's not the first black man to be qualified to be president. He was simply around when the enough white people had grown enough to see the man behind the skin color. Look around "When we talk about race relations... it's all nonsense. There are no race relations. White people were crazy. Now they're not as crazy. To say that black people have made progress would be to say they deserve what happened to them before....”

Selfie Selfies! British MPs claim that Facebook can gain direct access to your mobile to take pictures or make videos at any time.

Investment Consideration: Currently claimed fossil fuel reserves are sufficient to pollute the atmosphere beyond 'safe' levels five times over. At least 80% of these reserves must be left in the ground, despite the profit motive of those who would kill the future to buy more toys. 
Make My Day: Research shows that right-to-carry laws seem to increase the violent crime they were supposed to deter.

Intransigence: Germany continues to be obsessively intent on destroying the EU economy in order to punish the slothful lazy spendthrifts in southern Europe who enriched all those German banks who lent Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and so on far more money than they could ever pay back. The beatings will continue until Germany manages to pull the whole thing down on its head.

Contributions: Coal-fired power plants are the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. While producing only 37% of our electricity, they generate 74% of power-generating sourced emissions. And mining it gets rid of those nasty mountains in West Virginia and Kentucky, and then there's Mitch McConnell.


Matte Gray said...

Regarding that trailer for sale, can the PA Turnpike Commission borrow five year money at 1.56%?

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

No, Matte, they cannot. But the Federal Government and and with money so cheap the feds should be maintaining and extending all our infrastructure - interstates, the electrical grid, decaying sewer systems, bridges, schools... And don't tell me the feds can't do it; Ike built the National Defense Highway System one one pretense and I'm pretty sure that with a consensus we could justify all the above under a general health and safety rhetoric.

Bill Hicks said...

Sadly, if enough liberal/progressive white people had seen the REAL hideous war criminal, predator drone dropping, bankster loving, Wall Street hustling, Constitution trampling Obama beneath his skin color, he never would have been elected.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

I believe that the essential political skill is that of camouflage, if you are cursed with convictions of any sort, or proficiency in chameleonic adaptivity if greed and lust for power is all that need be hidden.

The longer I live the more I understand of how little demos and how much daemon is found in our democracy, and - of late - how little the polis matter to the police.

Anonymous said...

Trailers for rent or sale

Buy Hillary and Bill can't get those speaking engagements in China if their friends in the State Dept don't come through with those cheap immigration visas.